1. A


    uh ... all u greedy *******s who wanna use AzN's innocence to get his models , try ot understand ... if he wanted to release them as individuals he would do it already dont u think ? so get off his back u stupid noobs and let him work peacfully ( love u AzN ) and besides , its much...
  2. S

    Veggeto model

    he can someone make me a Veggeto model or give me a link i can download one.
  3. S

    map request

    map request can someone make a map with parts that you can destroy. something like city were parts of biuldins blow up when there damaged anouth. or cars parked on the steed etc. and come some one make a forest map. a huge forest with gokus hous in the midle
  4. R@!D3R

    -]DS[- Website Layout!

    Well I've started to make a layout and here it is What you guys think? If you want to join emial me at [email protected] later
  5. D

    My *NEW* Site Banner...

    Hey, what do you guys think? This will be my NEW banner for my NEW site layout. :D
  6. N

    New models? Hmmm

    I'd like a link a to place that i can download new models, I want a link cause, I've been seeing pics with the new vegeta model and it looks alright.. I'd like to see if any of the other models have changed as well, see the vegeta model i have now, is the one where he is wereing the armor...
  7. P

    Own anime

    heres a link on my own character which i made for my own anime just tell me whether you like it or not. Send me personal messages as well. Lata
  8. S

    Hmmm? Hehe

    How big is the beta1? I'm currently downloading it :p
  9. Emeka650


    I dont know but there is something wrong with block struggle its not a bug.But why is it when your winning the blast is pushing you back.Shouldnt it be when your winning your pushing the blast back,and when your losing the blast is pushing you back.Not that when your winning the blast is still...
  10. I

    Some new models and animations, just take a look

    hello im back with some new work, thanks turk fr the help with anotomy and the legs are just great. *lots of love and credit to turk. okay here we go. Some animations here--most of them with BFP vegeta-credit for rodney, but it is about the animation anyway: Run animations--it's my first so...
  11. V

    Beta 1 - teaser

    It's obvious who this is, so it's not much of a "teaser" as it is a preview. I still have a bit more to do to this bad boy though:
  12. Ryoko


    Well, I made this here. But I need to know what else to do with it. Any ideas welcome. (I'm seeing if this works well btw)
  13. Naz

    Voyage Voyage my new wpI hope anyone likes it grtz Naz
  14. ((ZeroVision))


    Can you hold up a kamehameha and teleport yourself :]
  15. Virtigo Seven

    good goten models

    Any one got a good Goten model?
  16. ((ZeroVision))


    hmmm so you can it upsorbe it but android 19 and 20 could it upsorbe?but it loooks fine to me:D
  17. NightShade

    PSX2 online hmmm

    well summer is here at last. and summer is suppose to have the psx2 online. *tekken 4 anyone?* Is it a dream? or will sony do something right for once in a blue moon. With some of there top hits out of the way. GTA3 *yuck* metal gear solid 2. *one of the best of all time :)* this summer looks...
  18. V3g3t@


    what kind of maps are there anyway i want a cool namek map or so
  19. E

    Vegeta (2) WIP

    K, heres the Cell saga and Freeza Saga vegeta ive been workin on smooth: flat: check out the arms! im real proud of em lol...
  20. P

    I need to know!

    How do u make the skin on models expand over the legs or arms if your with me. I mean like cloth follows the body and expands to the movemeny! If anyone knows i can start making models and maybe start making my own mod!