1. S

    Macbook Pro... hmm?

    Well, im considering getting one, it'd be my "digital" sketchbook as it were. I'm just wondering if anyone has much experience with them? and if anyone knows how much a knockon effect a wacom has on the battery life?
  2. Zero

    Hmm would it be possible?

    I was always wondering. ESF has come so far and to me it now looks like it's a game someone would be willing to pay for. By any chance would we in the future see ESF become it's own stand alone game client without the need of it being a mod anymore? Curious question. I would be willing to pay...
  3. D

    ground mele hmm might work

    i have a idea :D of how to make ground fights a reality in esf. well let me say that no one realy stays on the ground in any esf mod version etc more than 5% -10 % at the most. so why do players fight in the sky.. because of the flight system .. now why do players swoop ? .. because the mele...
  4. K


    Hi, I Was Wondering how to start playin?o_o
  5. JasonX

    hmm, too much to's

    Something's wrong with this sentence. Anybody noticed this earlier? First "to" is not welcome there >_>
  6. Basslover722

    Hmm a problem.

    hi im using the trial version of Fraps to record stuff but its really laggy when i record and the video comes out like ****. If theres any way to not make it laggy i would like to know. Thank you.
  7. Trueelements

    hmm map problem

    on esf_roast when it loads i have on tables or anything just a grey screen,after pressing 1 a few times i noticed i was in the game but the map was grey.I asked the other people what was arong they didnt no.Only image i could make out was two sand pillars so i guess roast is the hyperbolic time...
  8. Spunky

    Hmm, Curious...

    Are there any sites that offer the ESF-World Model Pack besides ESF-World? I can't download from their FTP, which is the only method of downloading that they offer. Seems I can only download from HTTP. Can anybody send me the model pack on Xfire or AIM or something? Also, I need Darksun's aura...
  9. B


    Ok, I'm attempting to get decent at drawing females. cause I suck flat out at it. so... crits n stuff on this would be nice, Probly not gonna fix much of it, but I would like to hear crits, so i can try to avoid the same mistakes later, also Any tips n things would be spiffy.
  10. Deathshot

    Hmm I was thinking about this...

    Well i was thinking about starting off everyone's Pl on my server at 1 and as they fight they get like 10 PL from killing someone or maybe 100. and i was wondering where i could get a plugin that remembers their PL and Loads it bakc up when they Reconnect to my Server.. Anyway i could do that ?
  11. M

    Hmm help please

    Ok ! I need some help how to play ESF in Counter Strikei dont have Half life what i do ? o_o
  12. Big Kyle

    Hmm, another World of Warcraft thread. World of Warcraft just got cooler, I guess.....back to WoW!
  13. JDeezNutz

    Hmm problem i have been having for some time when installing new drivers...(ATI)

    Hey Smith|, everyone I have been having some problems everytime I try to install new ATI Drivers... now I am getting fed up of seeing the errors when i am looking for an improvement. Here are the errors I am getting through-out previous updates. Please, someone help... :) Thanks in...
  14. -Origin

    hmm been a while

    ...since i last posted a sig heh, current one is my latest. Any crits or comments are appreciated.
  15. Eon

    Hmm.. Just wondering

    Does anyone here play Madden 2005 for PC? If so, post in here and maybe we can have like a tournament or something. :]
  16. Enix

    A hand. Hmm....

    Yea, just like the title says, its a hand. With the help of a tutorial on 3dtotal, i made this hand, i might make a whole body but i dunno, i also plan to add more detail to it, finger nails, bone lines, etc. Crits?
  17. shinobi_san

    hmm.. stupid

    This is a stupid question but is there a way to cange ur name (nick)???
  18. G

    hmm.. important?

    well.. some person just added me to msn .. says he got my email from esf forums .. doesnt want to give out his name / nickname well fine by me BUT here's the chatlog [16:11:39] Uzuha Tairou: Hey [16:11:42] GaZeeBo --: hi [16:11:49] Uzuha Tairou: what u doing [16:11:54] GaZeeBo --: who...
  19. Suh Dude

    Hmm Thanks Kuwa..

    Well...I took up Kuwa's = Teknik advice..and it acually work. Play around brushes. Then smuge.. And Sharpen.. THANKS TEKNIK! -D *Current sig*
  20. Deverz

    Hmm... o_O

    I haven't been in a fight since I lost the rumble and I'm up for another match I request Cuc as ref unless he accepts my challenge :o