1. Skyrider

    Skyriderish Has a Medical Question!

    Behold! The human, body! ... In Meat Vision! Now, see the black circle? As of yesterday, I'm having slighly pain over there or somewhat very near of it.. Happens everytime I swallow something. The bigger thing I try to swallow eg food the bigger the pain.. Can't really call it pain, It's...
  2. D

    Need help on getting Pl higher

    Is there anyway to raise your Pl (powerlevel) really fast i heard there was this charge thing but dont know how to get it or use it....:confused::confused:
  3. W


    I'm wheres_warren. I changed my password and now I can't post. Fix this please and I will give hand party.
  4. Mccdbz5

    Higher Ki Cost for Faster Characters

    Well, if you know in 1.2, the slower your character is, the higher ki cost they have, and I'm thinking to myself, shouldn't it be the other way around? Well my suggestion is that, the faster your character is, the higher their ki cost is. Mainly because, if you look at it, if your ki cost is...
  5. A

    Higher stun time for higher pl

    My idea is the more pl you get, the more stun time you get, but not very high. but the guy you are fighting will get 1/2 the stun time, making it not so unbalanced. what do YOU think about it?
  6. K

    How to make health higher

    I make my own server to play with a few friends but we want to make the health in our server aroun 20 times higher, i have admin mod and metamod but i have no idea how to do this, are there any admin commands i should use or is there another way?
  7. S

    which charactor should this be

    ya the title pretty much sums it up. <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase="http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/files/MS3DViewerOCX.cab#version=1,0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM...
  8. B

    ... hope ...

    Reaching out for the impossible... as long as there is hope, everything is possible greetz
  9. Ã

    look wat i am makeing

    tell me if u like
  10. D

    is there anymore higher than ssj?

    is there any more higher than ssj?? can u become ssj2?
  11. NeLo

    Rurouni Kenshin

    Hey guys well im at it again except this is a wallpaper i created ^^. Well im now accepting critz. Cuz i feel something is missing or something feels weird about it..anyway check it out and give ur critz.
  12. Tweek

    ESF Majin Buu

    ..Iv almost dun it :laff: Nearly finished only another 3 days 2 go till i releas it :P. now it isnt like GOD or n e thin so plzz plzz plzz crit 4 thats wot tells me how 2 make better. I hope u like this lil screenshot but it is a high pol models of 1208 wid out head O_o [/IMG] Enjoy...
  13. Tweek

    Majin Buu

    ..Keh i am in the process of makin a MAJIN BUU mdl 4 esf, a V V V detailed 1 at that :laff: and screen shots will b released soon ;D. this mdl will not b available 4 1.1 but in fact 1.2, and will b posted on redsaiyn the same week as 1.2 cums out :shocked: . this mdl as i said will b v...
  14. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Help, I want to map using 3ds max

    I know about WC and Autocad and that there are other programs out there equiped to build maps, But i want to build one using 3d studio max. Does anyone know of any tuts i could find somewhere or have the knowledge them selfs to help me out.
  15. Eider


    I dont know if theres a request thread here soo, here ya go: -Is it possible to make a map with a space traveller (like the one goku travelled to Namek with). And then u should be able to switch gravity higher and ur Ki goes higher when fighting in it ???
  16. D

    Convert some models

    Is there anyone here with a working version of 3d studio max 4 or higher that would be able to convert some .max files to .asc files which milkshape can open? Please let me know if there is anyone that can do this.
  17. S

    ok new mapper needs some help with stuff!

    ok i have been working o na map all day and was wondering how to cut stuff out because i have made some thing that needs hole or openings so people can goinside any help? ps am using valve hammer editor! ok heres the problem (got some pics to help) i need the hole bit curcledinand...
  18. P

    Higher Charge Renzoku

    That chargable ki blast vegeta has i think it would be cool if he could shoot more like u can change it up so u can shoot up to 100 ki blasts the minimum limit can be like 5 so the charging line will be like in the begginging of the charging ball like when vegeta was firing crap at...
  19. OubliezJe

    Higher me.... i make backgrounds take a look

    www.freewebs.com/es_tank if your looking for someone who can make backgrounds please go there.... it will tell you what u need to know if not my e-mail is posted ther there is also a guestbook... if you like what u see please post it and ill talk further with u or goto the site... neone...
  20. B

    fixed up 18

    MORE PICS HERE well, ive cleaned up my hd today and found some "old" things like this android 18, i fixed up the model (head, hands and arms) and reskinned some parts (skirt, some small things on belt and boots and fixed the veryvery rinkly shirt (its now less rinkly :p) i also updatezd...