1. O

    What Happened To ESF-World?!

    it like....died...?!? Nothings has happened in like 4 months!?! Weird...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    anyone know what ever happened to digital demons?

    anyone know what ever happened to digital demons? it was a 2d graphics site, they had awsome tutorials and stuff. they just dissapeared one day.
  3. C

    What happened with Andreyesf

    I now Andreyesf.First if you think that about him why you dont see the ip adress from the one that has voted for Andreyesf.I em the one of they.He just say to his friends to vote for him that all.He now that you would verify the ip adress of the account and he will get ban if he will make more...
  4. donnierisk

    What happened to Tien?!?! :(

    I'm sorry, but I really just want to know, what happened to operation tien, or whatever? I saw the lst post, but why did they die out? they had a model if I remember correctly, just not animations I think, can't someone please make a Tien for 1.3? :(
  5. S

    MP3 what happened????

    I've noticed...wait before that. I run ESF v1.2.3 on WON and it works FINE. So I DONT have steam. Everything's fine and there are no glitches or hangups. However, none of the mp3s in the playlist ever play. It's just silent beat-em-ups without any of the mp3s running. How do I fix this?
  6. E

    Whatever happened to the backflip animation?

    I saw in 1.1(played it for like a week before 1.2 was released).
  7. M

    What happened to SEGA its so awsome ^^

    sega shouldnt of tryed to fight with ps2 they should of launced earler
  8. G

    What's Happened

    I know ihaven't posted in a while but what's happened to ZEQ2!! the site has been down for months now please tell me it's noot dead i really love that mod ESF and ZEQ2 are the only dedicated mods that I know my fav guys on ZEQ2 are Wolf and Zeth!!
  9. Denominator

    What has happened to this world?

    Sorry about this rant, im slightly pissed off. It seems as though all compashion in this world is fading. Nobody seems to care about the values of helping or making somebody smile, and no, not by making fun of something as almost everybody i know does as a means of laughter. .. Sigh.. I...
  10. K

    mr. satan banned? what happened?

    i havent been on this forum for long, and i see that mr satan got banned, what did he do?
  11. Lethal_Vegetto

    What ever happened to the back flips?

    I know it didnt benifit in any way, but it was cool to see the characters back flip when u jumped backwards. Imo, i think its more natural for dbz characters to back flip, well, the good guys and Vegeta anyway. Dunno about Frieza or Buu lol, maybe Cell. This probibly isnt the most important...
  12. NinJa HunteR

    What happened to the Trans Aura?

    Hi, Is it just me or they have removed the yellow aura when you transform to SSJ? Thanks.
  13. C

    What happened to the dragonballs

    i may be rong but i rememer that wen 1.1 came out they said that they would definetly fix the dragonball mode for 1.2 and now that i see it there is not one map that even has them. In 1.1 they actually worked but it would crash server sometime. Y didnt they fix it or even include it?
  14. K

    one word story (whats happened so far!)

    Now this is the story so far! Please read through it carefully and tell us what you think! One evening Deverz died of alcohol. We danced wildly. Except the oness who felt ill from drinking too much gasoline with Element4q2. So they went to Mexico and searched for GOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!!!!!! In the...
  15. M

    WTF Just Happened to me???

    I went ssj with trunks and threw that blue ball at a vegeta bot.... The bastard repelled it with a blueattack, the energy got frozen in the air and didn't move an inch for 27 rounds when the game finally crashed (hl.exe encountered a problem and needs to be ended). WTF happened? could someone...
  16. SSJ Toast

    what happened to toonami

    what happened to it, it seems to be replaced with crappy normal cartoon network shows, i dont really watch toonami, but its something to listen to while on the comp, wtf happened to it
  17. sub

    What happened to the melee bubble?

    I was looking at the pictures on the main page and im wondering, why isn't there a mlee buble there? Did you guys decide to get rid of it?
  18. NinJa HunteR

    What happened to the Models/Skins/Sprites/Maps Sections? in ESF Stuff?

    Hi, What happened to the Models/Skins/Sprites/Maps Sections? in ESF Stuff They show and Error "Was not Found". Thanks.
  19. The_Forgotten

    What Happened to Esf-World?!

    I tried to go there today and it said "Can't Find the Web Site esf-world.de" is it just me or is this a national problem?Please help...
  20. T

    What happened to EEA?

    I entered thier site and they said EEA gonna realese at 1 in march... Today is it and thier site isnt realese it