1. I

    whatever happened to weighed clothing

    ya know it should be like if you have it on u get power faster after u train and kill or whatnot but without it ur better fighter but dont get the pl as fast... just an idea
  2. S


    Well, I have some work so I thought of Pimping it and here I am :) heres my Deviant Id. And...... Please reply with either Suggestions or Comments! :D
  3. T

    Iconz Gotenks Model Skinned (W.I.P.)

    just finshed the upper body...
  4. thor


    three weeks ago we had a new map ever couple of days i havent seen a new map in a while weres all the mappers gone?
  5. R

    I just have to say this

    it started about 1 a 2 months ago..i ripped the vegeta ned made very very stupid......(i can post pics later if u want) before that day al of my models sucked so bad:)........and me being foolish and ripped a model(tha vegeta from ned) the next day i was banned on 2 forums dbq and bfp...my...
  6. Mirai USSJ

    Yo Combat Hampster Map Request plz Read

    Hey Combat Hampster I Think That Nameks End Map is Excellent Except Its 2 Small.How About Making More Like That With The Lightening Effects & That And I love The Shaking. Ive Posted This Message To Give You A Request/Somethin u Could Do if U Wanted. How About When ESF Is Finished And The...
  7. S

    What happened to The Rage?

    I haven't checked on it for a while and I can't seem to find it now. Can someone link me to their site if they still have one, as well as the sites to the other DBZ mods you guys are talking about like DMZ and The Fury of Cell.