1. S

    how to Fight with other with melee (hand to hand combat)?

    can any1 tell me how to Fight with other with melee (hand to hand combat)? Thanks
  2. A

    Left 4 Dead /zombie hand

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  3. A

    Left 4 Dead /zombie hand

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  4. S

    Hand helds - missed oppurtunity?

    I dunno if this idea already exists somewhere in the world, but it certainly doesn't exist here, but here goes. There's a few games that I want to play on the PSP or DS. However, not enough for me to ever justify purchasing either platform. Chances are, I'm never going to get to play these...
  5. Sicron

    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Hand on!

    http://www.gamespot.com/psp/rpg/crisiscorefinalfantasyvii/news.html?page=1&sid=6170687&tag=top_stories;title;0 So far Crisis Core seems really awesome. Great storyline, best graphics for the PSP to date.(Rivaling PS2 graphics!) I can't wait for this game. On a side note: This is gonna be one...
  6. M

    God hand, last try, new preview

    Ok guys last time this thread was made it was met with alot of flaming about stupid things, so if a mod wants to leave it open ok then, if not at least the game looks good so there is still a bright side. The customizing in this game just looks insane...
  7. Jakut

    God Hand = OMG!!

    I know that there was a post about this game somewhere but meh, too lazy to search. Neway they released a new trailer and OMG it has the potential to become my favorite game EVER!! http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=12511&type=wmv&pl=game
  8. Kurt`

    I shook God's hand today...

    ... and it was hairy. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I shook the hand of MADDOX. I caught him today (July 26th) in Boston on his book signing tour. Pictures can be found here probably tomorrow. There are already pictures up from the previous book signing locations. After getting...
  9. -Origin

    Helping Hand

    Crit, comment, burn it, I don't care. EDIT: Oh and,
  10. K

    give a hand kick and foot kick

    Hello i've read all the guide but i don't understand a lot english... Could you tell me how we can give hand kick to the opponent? when i have select the first attacks (hand) when i push action one or two ( right or left mousse bouton ) Nothing happens. could you tell me simply how i...
  11. S

    One hand block

    Here's another suggestion: When you and your opponent swoop at each other and use the punch (Secondary button), you would block each other like this: Then you both get arrows and the winner knocks back the opponent and does damage to him! So what do you think?
  12. C

    Hand, Refs,drawovers, crits and comments. plz

    Hey guys... I'm modeling a hand for a sasuke that I am doing. There's somthing just not right about it and so i thought you guys can mayby point it out. I havent gotten to the point of "Removing useless poly's" YET. But please point out what you think is not needed. Current tris are about...
  13. A

    The Burning Hand

    Who wants a peice.
  14. MajinVegeta Tim

    Hand drawn vegeta

    I got bored when doing german homework so i drew this on lined paper with no references! Heres the original tell me which is the best, and i will make it better with comments u make, first say which is best then comments on how to improve said picture please go here to view...
  15. Valeska

    First Hand To Hand Fight, Open Challenge

    This Is My First Fight, since this is my first fight i'd like some1 to fight wich is his/her first fight to.. this is what i prefer Place : a underground/street/parking/cage fight,.. weapons : hand weapons like knife/bat/sticks/metal objects etc..(no guns or other fire weapons) Character...

    free hand have better drawings tho

    http://demiskyer.tripod.com/id9.html i have better ones but these are desent but the other ones ill take ther pics soon :laff:
  17. [ESF]Goku

    Fusions and 2 hand shooting

    Fusions: Fusion beam: 2 players from same team shoot in same place - must press a key same time and faster beam gets slower so the other one can catch it. When they are togeather both of players can move it. If beam + ball then shooter of the beam can only move it. Player+Player fusion...
  18. Enix

    A hand. Hmm....

    Yea, just like the title says, its a hand. With the help of a tutorial on 3dtotal, i made this hand, i might make a whole body but i dunno, i also plan to add more detail to it, finger nails, bone lines, etc. Crits?
  19. B

    Lend a hand? Esf problems

    I am using the esf tool and when i go to settings to see where it launchs from I chose the short cut icon on my desktop top to esf, when I then join a game it prepares to play cs, this is supposed to happen right? I am not sure where abouts esf is located as steam does not recognise it as a half...
  20. micfiygd


    my first model isnt working out as i planned i need help wit it but i dont know how to put a picture of it here how do i do it??
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