1. Chakra-X

    Help Me Choose a Gun for a Character

    I have been researching guns as of late; how they work, the different ammo, the parts, etc. I am doing this because one of the characters in an animation I hope I make use firearms, amongst other weaponry, but I did not want to BS my may around (like giving him dual Desert Eagles without even...
  2. The Deco

    Using Gallit Gun aura with models

    Like they did in the Kamehameha WRL, doing the same on Gallit Gun Aura making it more flashy, more real and, well in the highest quality possible (not in drawings xD) Yeah im talking about the aura although the wave also is good (I'm sure you guys already work on the Gallit gun beam balls, it...
  3. D

    gallit gun bug

    ok first off i cant use the most recent update so this is on the one before it, i dont have any reason to assume that this was found and fixed so here goes... 1. start off with 2 vegetas 2. vegeta #1 fire a full powered gallit gun at vegeta #2 3. vegeta #2 deflects gallit gun back at vegeta...
  4. C

    Need Help Skining my Gun

    Hey I modeled a Gun and I need help Skining it, ANYONE out there willing to help me skin it, if so Post here and I'll post some pics of the gun....and I will try and send it to you.
  5. Brim


    Anyone else pick this title up? I'm playing it, about halfway through. I heard complaints that the main story isnt very long, and it isnt, but the side quests are so much fun that I keep doing them in between story quests. I think this is a really good game. I also love the western motif...
  6. Brim

    Gun X Sword

    Is anyone else watching this? I just saw the first two episodes and it seems like it's going to be a winner. It is a bit cliche of a story, and does incorporate many ideas from other anime, which may turn some people off, but overall I find it quite enjoyable. Your thoughts?
  7. Mr. Satans

    Real-life Sentry Gun

    Straight outa Half-Life ~ This is awesome, check the video at the bottom.
  8. C

    First Gun Model

    hey here is my first Gun model, but hey i dont know how to its not skined duh! lol sorry, but hey Crit it please...and plaese help me out i have 3ds max 6 and i dont know how to find the poly count help please :) well here you go (and it is not a copy it is my own gun) <a...
  9. Mccdbz5

    Other beams that could have things like Galick Gun

    Ok, you know how Vegeta gets that orb around him when he does Galick Gun? Well there are some other characters that could have things like that too for their techniques, Goku's Kamehamaha: Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon: There are some more pictures of other characters having attacks...
  10. ZeroNightmare

    Gallit Gun Size...

    Since, I'm getting aggrivated with sprites, i'm proposing my suggestion, with very reasonable data. First of all, problem, ITS TOO DAMN SMALL! *actual screenshot* the beam should be similiar to the one on the right, which i brushed... Why not? come on? kameha and final flash have...
  11. S

    Galit Gun suggestion

    well, after all these galic gun threads about i came up with this idea to change galit gun... First, it'd be more powerful at the end of the charge, meaning it'd be the same at the kamehameha if charged fully, but at the start of the charge it still has the power of galit gun (as it is now)...
  12. KidMan

    Galick Gun Aura?

    So why the hell did the team give Vegeta a Galick Gun aura? I don't remember ever see him having an aura in the series
  13. Nuttzy

    got bored, a lil gun modellin

    got bored the other day, and i was target shootin at a can across the room with my airsoft gun when i had the idea to create an airsoft mod, as it would be insanely easy to do cuz most of the code wouldnt have to be touched at all, i aint recruiting though, dont get me wrong, just explaining...
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Vegeta used Gallit gun once?

    ...I can only remember vegeta using gallit gun one time... am i wrong? it was when he fought with goku in the first saga. And I'd like to see that one move he used against one of friezas hencemen, where he put his hand like a gun (fist, pointer finger out, thumb up) then shot a laser...
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Galleck Gun in PS

    I made it ^^^ Comments?
  16. 009

    Make Gallit gun stronger !

    Make Gallit gun stronger ! :laff: First time vegeta was on earth he power struggelt with goku... Gallit gun vs Kamehameha vegeta said they power was 50/50 :shocked: ONLY resaon for goku won, was becuase he use kaioken ! *cheater :p * AND! its was not just kaioken! it was 3xkaioken...
  17. Kaination

    Grav Gun Spawning

    I was wondering, how do you get to the beginning with the Zero-Point Gravity gun (the blue one). I already got to the part where i change the map to where you get it, but i wanna get to the part kind of like you can trash can that one guy into the trash can :\. Anybody know what im talking about?
  18. ZeroNightmare

    red galick gun for vegeta :P

    its nothing big but it would look cooler. red galick gun! and red ki blasts for frieza would be cool too.
  19. Avenger

    Gallit gun & Kamehameha Idea

    Well.. I got this idea.. Gallitgun is underpowered right? So I thought, why can't we make it a bit stronger than Kamehameha.. Then I realized that it might unbalance a bit. But here's the other idea.. Goku could then be able to use turbo even AFTER hes charged the beam, kinda like kaioken but...
  20. S

    Sertry Mini Gun - Hold Out

    This is the gun turret sertain people will be able to deploy to use to defend ur butt while ur reloading hehe:P here it is and if u can't see it go here AND WE ARE NOW Ranked 34!!!!!! on ModDB