1. Kaination

    Jizz in my pants (greatest video ever conceived) goto the link and watch in HD + full screen I haven't laughed this hard in a GOOD while.
  2. sub

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present the greatest game ever made Post your records
  3. Sonic the Vampire

    Greatest Music Video of All Time? Pork and Beans! The Internet Culture and You.

    Time to catch up on your internet memes! I stole this off of, which linked to its Youtube address, which is where I'm linking you right now. This is Weezer's latest music video, for the song "Pork and Beans." The references are fairly...
  4. wheres_

    The Greatest Debate!!!

    Which is the more important factor! WHO KNOWS!?!?!
  5. SA_Gohan

    Guitar Hero Fan's greatest day (yet)

    Some kind soul has been kind enough to create a Guitar Hero game for the pc. You can import songs from both PS2 versions, and make your music/frets combo's, and I have to say its pretty fricking awesome. This is quite possibly the happiest day of my life . . until you know, Guitar Hero for...
  6. N

    Greatest Ad Ever

    I hope I just didn't make a second thread about this...I used the search engine and didn't find one so I'm assuming that there hasn't been one yet.. I'm sure most of you know Boston was shut down because of 2 of my fav. characters in the show...
  7. SS2 Vegeto

    Greatest Manga of All Time?

    In my opinion, Bleach. By far. I've read countless manga's, and yet (atleast up until the end of the soul society arc) nothing even comes remotely close, or even begins to approach it in my opinion. It expressed emotion clearer and heavier than any other manga I've read, outstripped everything...
  8. Spunky

    The Greatest "WTF!?" Of All Time

    This thread is simple. Post the greatest moment in your life, where you simply had to say "WTF!?". They have to be true stories. Game experiences count as well, but not as much. I'll kick it off: A friend of mine in Ramona, CA. used to have a go-kart that he'd been working on his entire life...
  9. Ravendust

    Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 Greatest Hits

    Note: This is not the Collectors Edition of B3, which is just B3 with a 'Making Of...' DVD and a Broly figurine. So whats new? -When your character has teleported, he/she will leave behind a small puff of smoke with the same color as their aura. -SSJ2/SSJ3/Super Perfect Cell -...
  10. C


    Yeah. Totally.
  11. C

    Greatest "4" attack evah

    I am bored. Polls away. What's the best attack under "4"?
  12. Taurus 2112

    Greatest Axe Skills out there:

    Ok folks's whose the best of the best in your opinion....I'm gonna base mine off of skill but you go right ahead and post your opinion. Please back it up I dont want to see anything like "OMG!!1!1 JIMI HENDRIX AMS TEH UBER ROXORS!!! HE WILL PWN JOO!!1!" So my vote is gonna have to be a tie...
  13. E

    Greatest intro ever.....

    yea post wat u reckon the greatest intro for any game in the world is....doesnt matter what platform xbox, PC, PS2, or wateva.... My all time favorite is Tenchu- return from darkness.
  14. Hibiki

    Greatest news this year? The words best news ever are thrown around alot lately with hl2 being completed, halo 2 being finished but i feel and im sure so many others agree that this is the best news this year bar none
  15. P

    The Greatest Goku MV

    Im not sure if anyone seen this music video yet, but this is by far the best Goku Dedication i have ever seen, its really worth the download everyone should check it out you wont be dissapointed, and who ever watches it tell me your oppion afterwards if you want. ^_^...
  16. S

    Greatest Suggestion Ever.

    A Command to ignore someone.
  17. fatmanterror

    Soldner: Greatest disappointment ever....

    Well for the past few months i have heard nothing but awsome-ness about the massive online game called Soldner....... unfortunatly i made the mistake of buying it before reading some official reviews of the retail package. Ok, first off, it takes 5 minutes to load to the menu screen, and...
  18. S

    My greatest and latest wallpaper. (Wallpaper numba 2)

    Thought about making this for you people who are waiting for ESF Beta 1.2 to come out on May 8th, 2004. ((That would be all of us)) Im not taking critz!!! I dont wanna change it! It took awhile to make it so dont make fun of it :P Thank you all ESF members. REVERSE :cool: EDIT: Im Taking...
  19. Ryoko

    Guns 'N' Roses - The Greatest Hits

    I bought this album and LOVE it. Remixed rock classic right on one cd. Welcome to the jungle we've got fun and games We got everything you want honey, we know the names We are the people that can find whatever you may need If you got the money honey we got your disease! What do you guys...
  20. S

    The Greatest Music Video Ever!!!

    lol im lying check this out i found it simple hillarious..