1. EvolutionX


    Can someone give me the link to download Chainy Gotenks Pack PLS!
  2. R

    [Bug]SSJ Fusion Gotenks

    If i have Goten/Trunks in SSJ State, if i fuse and transforms to ssj3, the game crashes. And now?
  3. P

    Gotenks HELP!

    Ok, so I want to fuse and be gotenks, I got my pl over 5mil so I was ready to fuse.. I try right click while fuse is selected, [FARRT] Nothing, I spawn a Trunks bot, I use it on him.. [FARRT] Nothing.. I think you need a kid trunks bot but It wont list him, so i cant fuse.. HEEELPPP T.T
  4. M

    ssj3 gotenks problem

    when I try to turn into ssj3 gotenks my gam just quit... why???
  5. Serenagade

    Gotenks SSJ3

    Hi, ( (ESF 1.2.3;) ECX:RC2) I fused trunks and goten to gotenks, but when I want to go ssj3, the game just freezes, nothing works anymore... How to solve this? Thanks in advance!
  6. pudding

    Gotenks <wip>

    RELEASE Gotenks & Gotenks SSJ Hi there, I'v made a mesh of gotenks and I want to start to texture it, but before I do I want your opinion on it. Because I haven't watched dragonballZ in a long time and there weren't great references around.... anyway give all the critz you want...
  7. Suh Dude


    Well I felt bad for saying I wasn't going to release it and stuff so here: MoDDB Download Rapidshare Download Feel free to convert it to 1.2.3. :o
  8. Doormat

    Gotenks Release!

    well yeah.. only few words me and DBZ Hell worked alot on this model so i hope u guys will enjoy it :) All edits are welcome AS LONG AS credits are given! oh and credits for the ssj3 hair goes to Final-shine! thanx buddy ;)
  9. Doormat

    Project Gotenks

    Hello there. me and my pal DBZ hell decided to team up and make a Gotenks as a custom char for buu. we took kidbuu as a base cuz the proportions fit perfectly for Gotenks. So yeah in this thread we'll post progress of this project so stay tuned. i do ze model, dbzhell does the skinage and...
  10. K

    here come my gotenks movie v2

    hi all here is my gotenks movie have fun please 0/10 here :
  11. K

    here my 1st gotenks movie

    hi my gotenks movie please 0/10 ;) here
  12. Michno SSJ4

    Gotenks SSJ3

    I'm looking for a gotenks ssj3 if you can make one to me please do it ps. if you have a link yust give me that:smile:
  13. Michno SSJ4

    need Gotenks SSJ3 1.2.3

    i have looked over all and can t find it can some body give mr a link (sorry for my english):rolleyes:
  14. Teddy

    ssj3 gotenks

    anyone know where i can get a ssj3 gotenks model?
  15. DBZhell


    i've already modeled gotenks but i realised that it isnt that good... so i started from the begining again :D
  16. scope

    Gotenks WIP second model post here so i'll just get right to it...i decided to stop gohan due to no reason to finish it cause of....(nevermind) Ok so i decided to start on gotenks. The way i started it was from the bottom of the stomach the bottom of the six is...and worked my way up. I...
  17. kenny-DK

    Gotenks ssj3?

    I'm looking for a ssj3 gotenks model? I allready have a normal and ssj gotenks, but I'll like to have the ssj3 model to... sow if there is some one out I'll like a link please to it :)
  18. Basslover722

    Some Gotenks Suggetions...I know another one.

    1.OK well idon't know much for what they would do for Gotenks but he should have the kamikazi ghost attack be like gokus kame torpedo's where you can charge up mutliple ones. 2.For cosmic halo he should throw it like a desruto disc. 3.He sould have a a mouth blast also. 4.when it's...
  19. kenny-DK

    Tien and Gotenks?

    Will Tien be in v1.3? If they finhis him... and Gotenks to? o_o
  20. Z

    I need data for Gotenks and Brolly

    Im working in the characters brolly normal (Original GodGundam adn Kama sjj,ssj2) and gotenks ssj3 (Original Kreshi normal ,ssj) ... In this moment i can use that characters whit krillin and trunks... Gotenks - Krillin (Original Vegeta) Brolly - Trunks (Original Vegeta) I lake Vegeta and...