1. Ness

    Dying good samaritan left to bleed to death as bystanders walk past Wow.
  2. Painkiller

    Good games I can run

    I'm looking for a good game I can run. my rig => I'd like FPS, Strategy, RPG, MMO (RPG and MMO not so much tho.. but I'd like to hear some of 'em too), Fighting (no mugen plz) then again = > my rig
  3. Painkiller

    A good anime

    I want a decent anime. It could be fighting, action or w/e. I'd Njoy animes similar to these: Blassreiter, Blood+, Slayers, Naruto, Dragonball, Samurai Champloo, Basilisk, Samurai 7, Rurouni Kenshin, Claymore and Berserk Thanks in advance :o
  4. Deman

    Good Media Software with Library Functions.

    So basically I updated winamp after using an old version for a while and it wrecked media library functionality. Apparently there's a crashing bug going on with it, but I've been looking for an excuse to switch Winamp for another media player. Any recommendations?
  5. Skyrider

    Request: A good Contact Form Script (PHP)

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good PHP Contact Form script out there.. Either by manual file edits or a software that makes the looks / needed edits for you. So far, I found two of them right here: - - And another one I totally forgot, heh. The problem...
  6. Zero12

    Does anyone know where to find a good link to esf budokai 3.0

    Well like the title says (lol i say that too munch) i can't find a good link to budokai 3.0 its a addon for ecx it has 62 characters and 100 or more stages i found a link before but it has error 404 when i go there:p and so on and i have been trying to find other website i do but well its not...
  7. S

    Appreciation, and a story.

    First, I want to thank every one of the people that have worked on this mod. It's incredible what they've done with the HL1 engine. Can't wait for the final game. Seriously, a big world of appreciation. I feel like I can't overstate that enough before I tell this story of a certain...
  8. Pain

    Some nice deals going on

    Toys R Us is having a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on. Normally they don't allow pre-orders to be used in these kinds of deals, but their website is allowing it right now. No idea if they'll fix it, but if anybody is interested in some upcoming big name titles like FFXIII or GoW3, you can use...
  9. TourPallanen

    ESF Final Beta

    Ok I know that either this forum will get closed, deleted or spammed, and the beta contest is over, but I just thought I would share with all the staff my experiences with beta testing. So lets start out with Games: Asheron's Call 1 Beta tested the closed and open back in 1998 Asheron's Call...
  10. V

    ESF 1.2.3 EVM Special Bug Help

    Total Hi I have a problem grams per Appendix EVM may surprise you that I like but more than ECX 3 I do not operate special I do not know what miracle was always good and now it's not receiving HP Genocide (Special 2 [Cooldown: 180sec]) Ultimate Sacrifice "(Special 1 [Cooldown: 180sec])...
  11. Nuttzy

    Cheap Valentines Ideas

    ok guys, I know im like the 2nd oldest guy here but Im in a pickle. I am unemployed, I have little to no money, and I really really want to try and break my record for how many times I got laid in one night (currently 4, for those wondering, she lives with her mother and has kids so I still...
  12. Damaera

    My Dragonball Z Fanfic!

    Okay I'm just a beginner so don't be harsh! -- Ok well I was reading the DBZ story someone made, and I was like..... What the hell, I should make one too! So here it is: The Saiyan Battles Characters: Goku Vegeta Gohan Goten Trunks...
  13. D

    Hi all!! I'm newww

    Hi all i'm new :P i like this game!!!! and the people is very good :P...i want olnly do a presentation of me :PP Byeee
  14. sub

    I'll be gone for a few months in protest of me not being an admin

    I'm going to be leaving this forum for a few months as a protest of me not being an admin. I expect tears to be shed and I expect to be crowned admin upon return. As we all know, the only reason that there is order on this forum is because everyone is afraid they're going to be banned by me...
  15. Mkilbride

    Get Godmode in Windows 7

    Create a New Folder in Windows 7 only(Vista can cause ****upery), and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Enjoy.
  16. B

    9 very good reasons to shut down an airport|aim|dl4|link3| im0790 Thoughts and opinions...
  17. M

    This Can't be Good

    Source: The link at the bottom of the quote above provides more detailed and up-to-date information and additional links.
  18. Skyrider

    Looking for a good External HDD

    I'm looking for a good External HDD that i'll be using for myself only. I never really had any nor I had the use for it until now. I was wondering if you guys know a good one: Specifications: - 1TB (I don't want more, nor less unless the higher one is cheaper) - Not much sound (Thus silent) -...
  19. sub

    Good desk chairs?

    I want to replace my piece of **** chair that I'm using. Anyone have a suggestion for a good chair that costs under 300 bucks?
  20. Nemix

    Good for POTW!

    this would've been good for a potw ;)