1. Syed Noman

    How about giving Tutorial of how to make esforces maps to fans

    hi guyz, this is my second suggestion how about teaching the Fans the Tutorial of how to make maps for esforces:confused: in this way esforces can get fan work and also the mapping work will be reduce from the esforces team :) and also fans can show their love for esforces.:love: in this way we...
  2. Damaera

    Giving away a free copy of Half-Life 2!

    On the 6th of September I'll be doing a draw for a free copy of Half-Life 2. If you don't have Half-Life 2 yet, say so in this thread and I'll write your name down on a sheet of paper!
  3. S

    Giving my self full power

    How do I give my self full power lvl so I can test out each transformation? for openbeta lol
  4. |Overlord|

    Giving Krillin another transformation (inbetween Normal & Mystic)

    I really think Krillin should get a transformation inbetween his current transformation status. Reasons for suggestin this other then the obvious is, your'e practically hopeless in melee against other characters that have the speed advantage (unless you skill is good, but even then you reach...
  5. D

    3dsmax giving me a lil issue,help plz?

    Hey esf'ers its been a long time since i logged in here,well heres my problem anyway.When im trying to set up a plane and put a pic on it it wont work.I make the plane,open the material editor,set diffuse to bitmap and pic my ref pic,drag it to the plane and it just turns grey.Wont change to the...
  6. Optimus Prime

    The what do you want / What are you giving for Christmas / Chanukah / whatever thread

    Can't really do much of my present shopping until finals are over and I go home for Winter break. I don't even know what my sisters / parents want yet. xD Watch for the g/f: -------------- Stuff I'm asking for. New snowboard goggles: New snowboard jacket: That's pretty much...
  7. Tassadar

    The Giving Season

    So, I just donated a pint of my blood to the Red Cross. It took about a half-hour and included saying that I don't have AIDs like ten times. It was worth it though, the process of the blood being pushed out takes around 10 minutes. Can't help it though, you do get that feeling like you did...
  8. |Overlord|

    giving ki to team m8s juring ps

    for tea mode i reckon the team should set this sort of system up where u can give ki to your team m8s how it could work when a team m8 is in a ps and losing other players could give there ki to them (let's say u could have the server admin chose this option in the advanced server options)...
  9. S


    IF WHEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE YOU DONT WNT YOUR HARD WORK GO TO NOTIN - you can give a friend your pl adding it to his own with a slite decrease so that he would not be so powerful. He simply extends his arms or 1arm like vegeta for BIG BANG ATTACK. Than his pl would decrease and the othrs would...
  10. S

    Im not giving up yet!

    New skin edit! I noticed the EVM Majin Vegeta Model and decided to make it more battle dameged and stuff. CREDITS: EVM (For crappy blood :S) Violater (I think he made this skin) REVERSE (Better BD) Turk (For the nice model! :)) Critz? P.S. I also need a host to host the model.
  11. T

    Giving energy "attack"

    Wouldn't it be good if you could give energy to your friends if they need energy, or opponents.
  12. S

    Gohan head

    Hey everyone as u might now i was working on this sertain ssj2 gohan and well it showed out pretty good but it died i had some probs with it ect. so iam givving out this gohan head for others to complete IF they want that is hehe theres some errors in it but iam too lazy too make it 100% so if u...
  13. T

    every time i add a new map it doesnt work

    the subject says it all
  14. Death The Jedi

    Twisted Inferno

    I'm aware that this one kinda sucks.. I didn't realize how bad that section with the text in it looked till after I posted it here.
  15. R

    Plugin for AM/AMX for giving ki to clients

    Does anyone know of any plugin for adminmod *Which I have* Or AMX *I could get* where you can type something like admin_giveki < playername > 1 - 900 000 000 Or something..essentialy giving a player ki..? If anyone knows, tell me please I just think IT would be kinda fun fooling around haha
  16. U

    my new majiin vegeta

    new majin vegeta by me ill be released soon for 1.1 :devgrin:
  17. Wangster

    goku *thanks to davidskiwan*

    well, i made a drawing of goku, with watching as much as possible on the proportions, and folds, thanks to david for giving me the site, i learned proportions of goku there. here it is: wat do you guys think?
  18. U

    NeW BeBiS

    NEW bebis made by me and Koolkiller. :cool: heres the download link with pormision and credits. :devsmile: download link:
  19. M

    Psyco Buu

    an edit of my kid buu
  20. M


    ive been having a problem with my valve hammer, it wont run my maps. i think the problem is that the compiler doesnt create a bsp file for some reason (im using zoners compiler tools) and i have it setup like it says on that one site.... error report (compiler report) also heres a link to...