1. A

    help for German bank for sound (esf)

    occasionally there were even attempts to German sounds in their own iterested esf but I'd like to create with others a complete German sound bank. these are (we) certainly in the forum for download.
  2. B

    ESF german soundpack

    hi guys i need a german soundpack for esf 1.2 i have installed the big pack 8.4 and the ECX_RC2 i hope you can help me
  3. SuBMix

    Dragon Ball Z online GErman

    Anybodi know a web page were i can [please don't ask for warez].
  4. SuBMix

    German sound pack

    Can somebody tell me were i can download a FULL German sound pack with all souds for sound for ESF 1.2 ESF ssj3,ssj4,ssj2 trasn ,weapons,and all characters-souds (sorry for my bad English)
  5. G

    Prince of Persia & German Naval Base Level on a tropical island

    Upon the request of many peoples to post this here I decided to show you my recent work 3 months ago: Modeled and skinned this guy: And rigged this guy with my own biped And why not...
  6. Sleaze

    German Chatroom ?

    Have the ESF League a german Chatroom ? Then not, why ? A lot of People in the League speak german. Sry for wrong English. I can't good English. :scared: MFG Sleaze
  7. Tassadar


    So I took a German class this year and I'm really enjoying it, I've always loved the way German sounds and was always interested in taking it. Unfortunatly I had to wait until my senior year because of my moving situation. I do plan on taking German II-IV when I'm in the community college...
  8. DragonDude

    German Version Of Half-Life 1, Modified?

    I first saw this from the VERC collective, when a user asked if the German version of HL2 would be modified like the first. I thought that to be strange, since I had no idea the game was modified for Germany. Upon searching both the Internet and the Half-Life 1 source code, I found that due to...
  9. Kalle

    Problems with Bots (is anywhere a german person?)

    I've got problems with the bots. I've downloaded the bot-program but it doesn't work. More exactly:The text says "To open the bot menu press the = buttom" but I'm a German and the =bottum is on the `bottum. Ok now I can open the menu but I don't know were the numbers 0 till 9 are on a german...
  10. S

    German Budokai Server

    hi, i asked me if i could play on this server because im german too and i dont find many servers with a ping under 100, so maybe someone knows the pw that i can play on him or is it just private `` greetz
  11. G

    GSF (German Special Forces)

    I see lots of models that u peeps say are really good...i see a link to GSF... I click, Enter, press Downloads, the site goes to News, i cant speak/read German, help me or i WILL commit suicide! P.S I. DONT. CARE. WTH. U. SAY. S-BOLT. (or how u spell ur name)...
  12. U

    German boy search help

    hallo ich wollte fragen ob mir jemand helfen kann und zwar hab ich jetzt denn editor von maya aber wie kann ich mdl datein importieren und wie kann ich am besten modeln denn ich habs noch nie gemacht hoffe mir kann jemand helfen
  13. D

    German Soundpack?

    I look for a German sound luggage for ESF! Does someone have that?
  14. D

    German Sound?

    I look for a German sound luggage for ESF! Does someone have that?
  15. V

    Question to German guys

    Can any German Guy send me ESF per Mail? Better is when you live in Baden-Württenberg. I hope any one give an answer.
  16. Nosferatu Alucard

    For all the german players who are searching a clan

    Falls jemand von euch nen Clan sucht, also, ein Freund von mir hat nen ESF und TS-Clan gegründet und wir suchen noch members. Also, falls ihr uns beitreten wollt geht mal in den irc-Channel: #*editted* oder labert mal unseren Clan-leader Link an, seine icq-nummer ist: *editted*...
  17. MSF

    Skybox error?

    HI all..... i have made a room behind a sky box.......and i can see this in the sky why? and how can i fixed that? Don't forget i am a German Boy, not a Game Boy ;)
  18. N

    Anyone got Vegeta model

    I was just wonderin if someone had the model of Vegeta in the black suit from movie 12... cause if they do can they give me the link?
  19. PiXel

    please mapper`s please try it please can u try to make the map esf_trifore or what eber i will be have the map in zelda here are many pictueres :cry: please try it for me please
  20. H

    hullfile ! ! ! (°.°)

    Sry falls das in einem anderen thread schon beantwortet wurde aber ich hab den ganzen morgen schon gesucht und nichts gefunden ! Ich weiss es wurde in vielen threads beantwortet wie man die hullfile mit HLCC benutzt aber ich kann HLCC nirgends mehr finden und benutze deshalb TBCC das is fast...