1. john_volkov

    this is someting I'v don whit some of my Friends

    ::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : ...
  2. Growler

    Gordon's Friends

  3. Ryeko

    Sigs for teh friends

    For one friend: For teh Other Friend:
  4. axl_gnr

    Hello Friends!!

    Hello Friends! I am new... What I want to know is: What updates and patches I need to play in the server that you yourself play? Of which web I can download them? (please show me the links) I believe that my currently version is: V46/ :tired: And sorry about my bad english...
  5. D

    help friends plz

    i need help friends ,,my name is daniel..i have esf 1.2 ,I take it down recebly and i do double click to the install , it makes and error(it is not an aplication of win 32) help me please friends O_O
  6. A

    Lol wtf? My friends list was Deleted, anyone else have this?

    I reformatted my comp, and didnt play any hl games for about....1 month maybe, now i log onto friends and it says "You have not added any friends to your list" and theres a button "add freinds" :S has this happened to anyone else
  7. I

    One of my best friends died

    Yep, i feel broken and empty. Sunday 5 o clock in the morning. I was calling my dad too pick us up and the next thing happended when i hang up the phone. My best friend was lying on the ground, i runned towards him and checked his breathing and his pulse. I was horrified because he...
  8. S

    non-stop beeping on friends computer

    Well, my friend got this problem, after he uses his computer for about 20 mins, the speaker inside the pc starts beeping, and wont stop, until he reboots or shuts down, its really annoying, is there any way to stop this?
  9. J

    Judge's Day off (with friends)

    hehe was close to being pissed, and made these nice foto's in a shop :) enjoy ^^ thats my normal me when I didnt have too much beer ;) ^^ thats me, dont ask ;) ^^ friend of mine :) ^^ me fixing the plants ^^ my the plant ^^ nuff said ;)...
  10. PiXel

    majin_palace FRIENDS MAP i hope u like it if got no pictures but i would say its good its from my friend please maybe make a picture online and say what u think about this map :devsmile:
  11. S

    Steam friends

    people with steam i wanna have more friends on the list post ur user name and ill add u
  12. Lord Killmore

    Where you ever proud of friends or family?

    Well my Father got the World Champion Title last evening at......(dunno how to spell it but look at the pics they are gonna tell you :laff: ) As you can guess the guy with the White and red Gi is my father! And this is the point of this thread. I´m very proud of my father and...
  13. Zack(Vamp)

    Happy Tree Friends

    Does anybody else watch this Great masterpiece of Flash? *warning, contains blood violence and parental discression is advised* Meh, got that out of the way, so does anybody watch? And whats your favorite episode? Cherish these Idol moments lol
  14. Wangster

    happy tree friends.

    hey guys, this is my last post for the day, for a goodbye gift for another couplke of weeks, i got this site, check it out, especially the third movie, with picture of the guy with a hook thru the eye lid. Bye *logs out* *logs in*...
  15. Kreshi


    hi! I am working on a Gogeta Model for ESF, but I am not 100% sure if it will be really Gogeta^^ lol, but I think it will be :laff: Here is a pic: PS: This is my first "poly by poly" body........ I have only did heads poly by poly but never a body^^ this is my first body, which is make...
  16. Nuttzy

    Wolverine model

    yeah yeah, its not perfect, but i assure you he looks badass ingame, i WILL release him when i get permision from turk, (problem is nobody knows how to find him) IF YOU KNOW HOW TO CONTACT HIM OR IF YOU ARE HIM TELL ME, at the moment this is prettymuch a thread about the picture of the model...
  17. S

    GSF-site has no respect for modelers

    ||QUOTE|| (this was posted by Logan) ok 5 count them FIVE of my model packs are on all of them you can only get on MY site and they couldnt even remember my goddamn NAME. ||QUOTE|| They should take it off their site beg you for mercy and give proper credits...
  18. Nuttzy

    my bad guy needs a name, and suggs

    this thread serves 2 purposed, for me to pimp my model, and most importantly, to get him named the model is DONE, sounds, skin, anims (but one), and hes ingame. ALOT of thanks goes to shijing, i was about to tear my hair out getting him assigned, his broad shoulders were a certified PAIN IN...
  19. Messiah Daz

    Im Back And Ready To Go!

    Yep Im back into mapping. Im sure my old friend Dj-Ready will be there to help like he used to. I need some ideas on a map to make. I am thinking of my own city version? Well cmon people IDEAS!
  20. G

    Happy Tree Friends

    LOL. New Summer Smoochie is here: Its a Flash link so i can direct link it. Happy Tree Friends OWNZ :D:D:D