1. D

    Here's a new Sig I made for one of my Friends

    What do you guys think?
  2. S

    Which Do YOU Prefer v. 2?

    Okay Which do you gus like best the image in my sig or... (The sig above is called Shiva) or... (Unknown!)
  3. S

    Samjai SKin... Early Work

    heres a very early pic of a skin i started on... give some comments so far...
  4. T

    Get that BEBI in my tummy!

    aight im almost finshed wit the arms and the chest... abs are getting redone and the everything gold... post feedback! *dont say **** about the model i didnt do it.....*
  5. F

    Pleaze help me out!

    I made a start on a new esforce map. This is my fist map ever and i have some problems. - I can play my map in wordcraft but not in esforce. - I can't see the beans i put in. - I readed the F.A.C but i don't get the add model part. - Are there any special think i have to do in order to...
  6. DJ-Ready

    My 2nd map is finished...

    Hehe, today i´ve finished a new alpha version of my new"S2k_Skyfight" map.... it will be released tomorrow... *g* so check out my 2nd map but remember that there aren´t so much details...but they would be added in a few days and it will be have a new skymap.
  7. D

    My New Sig

    yo, look at this new sig i made for me in my friends company... BTW: i made the fire myself :p
  8. GLOsticks R Us

    GLO is back with some new comics!

    I just did some new comics, these actual events happend at school at lunch, meh and my friends, I represent the one in Blue... Hope you get a crack out of it:talk: . p.s. Gateway is refer to Gateway computers...:), and btw- Exams suck! -"GLO":shocked: