1. Mkilbride

    Troops in Iraq want video games to replace dead friends. I don't know, seems so weird...they lost their tragic...and then they ask for this stuff, I don't know what to make of it honestly. It feels almost like a joke. =/
  2. V

    My friends cant see my server.

    i created steamppid (i put in in the main folder of esf) and wrote 70, sv_lan 0, no firewall but my friends cant see my server even if i can join their servers. WHY?
  3. sub

    Tell all your friends about my victory

    I know none of you people give a ****, but seriously, this victory needs to be known about all over the world. I was playing rome total war as the dacians, a race so ****ty that their not even a playable race unless you alter a text file. They start off with a ****ty economy and not great...
  4. G

    Plug your friends band

  5. sub

    Jesusween: Tell all your friends We need to replace the word halloween with jesusween. Christians would be happy because they get another holiday. I would be happy because this would be hilarious.
  6. The Deco

    Adding msn messanger to steam friends?

    Can you add msn messanger contacts to steam friends contacts?
  7. sub

    Childhood Friends

  8. Barack Obama

    Hello, my friends!

    Hello, my friends! Today is a very special day. The election day. I am coming multiple forums to speak with the community and ask them to vote for me, Barack Obama. You guys have a very special community here, great work, Earth's Special Forces! -Barack Hussein Obama II
  9. The Deco

    Me and my friends making a tag team style tournament

    Me and my friends making a tag team style tournament and doing some smash and bash Me and 3 more of my friends got today some tag team blood bath, today, and im bringing the videos to you! We just took esf_cell_games map and used the arena to fight tag team style. Rules were: - No...
  10. Eon

    Wii friends.

    Who here with a wii has a wifi connection? If so post in here if you're willing to mess around with the wii friends thinger, as in the mii crap and all that, I'll give you a pm with my info and all that. ;o
  11. F

    Blarg! I need friends =/

    On WoW. Anyone play on frostmane? I checked out that "post your mmo chars" but couldn't find any on frostmane :( I'm just sick of doing **** alone, I've soloed my way to level 32 so far and it's no fun ;_; Soloed My pally to level 32, and my hunter to 23 =/ And just...doing everything alone...
  12. Vash_Locke

    Why cant we be Friends

    hey all i was thinkin that i have no one to chat on msn about esf so i was thinkin hey why not make a thread so fellow esf players get to know each other so if any one is interested add me to ur msn sep[email protected] hope to speak wit yas peace
  13. J


    ok so, where to start? when you pay ?146.50 for your friends birthday present. and then tell them over and over, the date that the event is happening. and then discuss watching the first world cup match on the saturday of the weekend of the event. and then go mental hyper together...
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    a friends birthday

    i plan to include a copy of this in my friends birthday present tell me what ya think
  15. V

    ESF server for some friends

    Please help me - I'm an idiot and I'm new and me and my friends love ESF, but we can't join in servers and we can only make LAN games but we can't join in eachohter's games (we don't eaven see them).Please someone tell me what to do so we can play in internet servers (the 2 ones from...
  16. KidMan

    friends ytmnd.....

    Ok so my friend took a picture of me trying to do a barrel roll and and I got stuck on my neck could not support the rest of the weight (cause I broke it, remember!) so I could not do a barrel roll. He then made a ytmnd about it.
  17. Killface

    your "real" friends

    I got a question for you guys. Back in May 2004, i let my friend Tyler borrow my gamecube for as long as he wanted because it was his birthday. I said he could keep it as long as he wanted but if he didnt want it anymore or if he moved or whatever to give it back to me, I made that...
  18. B

    Happy Birthday Zero... and friends

    well no1 else did it...
  19. O

    Joining friends games problem

    How come when I or one of my friends make a game... we cant get it to come up on the list... we give each other the ip and I'll add it to my favorites.. but it wont show up... ne suggestions?
  20. D

    Rate my friends sigs

    He says he signed up to too many forums but none really have a sig section,so he asked me to post it here,just c&c and ill contact him about them. Btw sigs were made by a different person then who made these.So i know its alot but just c&c on what you feel like.(rate them if you wish)and he...