1. Skyrider

    Anyone here has Team Fortress 2 (Premium?)

    Read the title. Anyone here that has TF2 and wish to join a free lottery? Premium users only, not F2P (Free 2 play) users. You can win the following items:
  2. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 - Free Lottery Event #8

    For those premium users, go check out: I'm afraid Free to Play users can't join the lottery for obvious reasons. I've merely posted this so you guys are aware of the current free lottery going on.
  3. Damaera

    Team Fortress 2 is now free.... forever!
  4. KarrdeKNR

    Karrde Does More Costuming - Team Fortress 2 Engineer

    So, some guys I play TF2 with were all "You should come to Geek Kon with us." Being that it's in Madison, WI it's not exactly a long drive for me. 3 weeks ago, they're all "Hey, we're doing TF2 costumes, you should too!" ....... ****! So being that I've done 2 different bits of high...
  5. KarrdeKNR

    Destroy the Team Fortress 2 Golden Wrenches for Charity! Well, this is something neat. Even Valve is promoting this now. I figure I'd drop this here and see how many people I can convince to donate what they can afford. All proceeds are going to "Child's Play". The event is going down on or about the...
  6. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2: Drop And Give Me Terror!

    Hehe, awesome! I can't wait for this update :D.
  7. ciarkol

    Team Fortress 2 :: Sniper Update

    Check this out : Day 1 ::
  8. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 :: Scout Update today!

    Check: For all the new weapons & maps being added within the scout update. Which is: 1), The Sandman 2), Energy Drink 3), Force-a-Nature The update will be later on tonight (my time), which is pretty sucky :p.
  9. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 :: Small Update Released!

    Source: Loving the spy and engineer update soonish! :D
  10. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 Medic / Gold Rush Released + Exploit!

    Well, the Medic Achievements and Goldrush has been released like 12 hours ago. And just within a few hours, someone already found an exploit to use to unlock every single achievement of the new medic weapons. Of course, Valve is familiar with them and all stats will be possible reset.
  11. Kama

    Team Fortress 2

    I don't know if this has been posted before, and it if has, **** it, i'm kama! This game rocks, does anyone else have it? I'm looking for some handsome devils to play with as well! My stead id is [email protected] so add me up! And if anyone is in an actually decent clan who may be...
  12. Phobius

    Fortress Forever was released!!!

    Fortress Forever is a mod for HL2 which is basically Team Fortress 1.5 upgraded to the Half Life 2 engine. So if you enjoyed Team Fortress then you have to give this a shot!
  13. Skyrider

    Fortress Forever Release Date, 17 September!

    Have you seen that Fortress Forever will be released on the 17th? (this month). That's next week! For those who don't know it, it's a Half-Life 2 modification which is a copy of Team Fortress Classic for Half-Life 1.
  14. M

    Team Fortress 2 - Heavy Weapons Guy

    This video was recently released: This game is becoming very interesting as more stuff is released, though of course, it isn't true to the original Team Fortress game.
  15. sub

    Team Fortress 2 and HL2 for the 360 + PS3 Great to see that Team Fortress 2 is finally coming out. Also, that portals mini game thing sounds cool. I want a gun like that in the actual game.
  16. A

    Vipa's Fortress

    Bases on my AIM name >_< I'm making an ESF map: *Edit* ****.................... Pic won't show
  17. Damaera

    Vipa's Fortress

    Bases on my AIM name >_< I'm making an ESF map: *Edit* ****.................... Pic won't show
  18. S

    Tutorials for milkshape wanted!

    Hi im starting to model, im alright, but i want 2 noe more so is there any one out there who can like give me a tutorial for making a dragonball z carachter? if u can pm please! p.s sorry bout my speelling!
  19. USJTrunks


    Yeah, crappy name, didn't know what else to name it
  20. shinigami

    New art.

    I have this project going on a week and I decided to finish it. The text still needs work, but I wanted the graphic to speak for itself. Comments appreciated.