1. $sj Goku

    The Absolute way of fixing beam spam

    Ok i came up with this idea today after getting pissed at some nub called "LOL" who was spamming in the same server i was in... Here it is.. Ok if you notice when a beam explodes you can see the explosion.... but if you are in the area around the explosion you can still* take damage...
  2. RoshkoMasta

    Map Description Bug - a new one and an easy one I think! ( gl fixing it esf team )

    sometimes, (or is it always?) the map description: is the thing that we can see when we start a server or change a map or in the team selection menu sometimes when I change a map I see => when Im suppose to see the map description - I see the map description of the previous map...
  3. K

    shield needs fixing

    the shield doesnt absorb beams that go right next to u, thats lame, it just explodes and gives u dmg, thats really lame, and stuff like disk juts goes through the shield.
  4. D

    fixing PowerStruggles for 1.3?

    I was just wondering if ESF is going to fix PowerStruggles in 1.3. Right now when you PS with two or more beams, the beams appear next to each other and fly off in some random direction until they explode on the end of the map. That is not what PSing should look like. In the show, when...
  5. Optional

    Finding And Fixing Errors with Your Log File

    When you compile a map in the source directory, it will leave several text files. In one of them, you will have a log of all the text that was put in the compile. This is how you can fix errors. Example errors: MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES Max_leaf_faces Leaf portal saw into leaf === LEAK in hull...
  6. A

    GOhan wip

  7. R

    And so....I did something noone expected....

    Lets see....first I made homepages....then I did some PHP and forum management....then I went over to sprite-making,then mapping....then I tried a bit of coding....but this is what I do when Im bored The NS poster Flay doesn''t know,and its only my poster,no public release because....well...
  8. B

    Fixing the crash/illegal operation

    My ESF crashed right before i got into the game EVERY SINGLE TIME. with that annoying "send error report" XP message. Fix: Close the MSN messenger icon. ESF works fine now.. Its all in a days work for BicycleRepairMan.
  9. T

    namek goku skin

    The namek goku skin needs alittle fixing his neck and waste r cut in half but other then that its good if you can ssj 4 gogetenks please fix and email me at [email protected]
  10. Eider

    female model

    Hello y'all, I was just wondering if sbd has a female model with animations which I can (re)skin with photoshop, i'll give u credit when i release it :p u can send it to [email protected] or [email protected] PS: this is a request sorreh bout that, but I finish the skin, I ll post it...
  11. T

    Mistery X's Perfect Cell.. Now Downloadable

    Hey I upload Mistery X's Perfect Cell for help after getting it compiled and scaled here ya go, enjoy! ****EDIT**** its getting host on red saiyan too and my bandwitch is dead so im going to use this link DOWNLOAD NOW!!
  12. Mewtwo

    My first real attempt at anime

    This pic is my first attempt at dawing my own anime character. I used the tuts at to help. I can already see a few problems that need fixing, what do you all think?
  13. GoJita

    Pic i drew check it out some d00d i drew from hitman 2 and yes i know he headless im fixing that i just use a number 2 pencil and i drew it sketchy
  14. G

    Gohan sound pack

    I downloaded, before a adult gohan sound pack, and then i deleted esf and re-insatalled it. just now i downloaded a saiya man mdl, but he still has the kid voice. ive been looking for the sound pack but i cant find it! plez post it here
  15. X

    Requests for normal SSJ1/2 Gohan models/reskins

    Im sorry. You guys may have tried attempting to give him a bit more hair or make gohan battle damaged. But it will always look bad because of that pijama hese wearing. or what ever the hell it is. I cant stand to play or look at gohan with that skin D: Can anyone model him or reskin him...
  16. DaKD

    Gogeta preview

    here my gogeta preview\javkrd20\Image6.jpg
  17. K

    Special Beam Cannon needs fixing

    I noticed that the special beam cannon is uncontrollable like the big bang. I also noticed that it is quite fast to charge. Many times i have been block struggling a special beam cannon and getting hit by the 2nd because of this. I think this is a bit unfair and you should make it take longer...
  18. N

    Works with Ink

    Within the last year, I have done 2 Vegeta drawings with an ink pen. Here they are, tell me what ya think. I had a case of insomnia 1 night, so around 2 in the morning, I did this one. This is the first one I did, with a regular ink pen, this took me 3 and a half hours. This one I...
  19. fatmanterror

    Namek SSJ Goku WIP

    hey everybody i changed my ssj4goku into regular ssjgoku, just because i wanted one. tell me what u think, i think im almost done, just a couple of skin fixes and it should be done, id say for a first model and skin its okay, but thats just my opinion, so tell me how to make it better SSJ Goku
  20. T

    DBZ Sequential

    Hi guys, Here's an unfinished sequential page of DBZ I drew to practice manga. It still needs work on the backgrounds and effects. Please tell what you think of it. Take care Copy and Paste