The Absolute way of fixing beam spam

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Oct 25, 2005
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Ok i came up with this idea today after getting pissed at some nub called "LOL" who was spamming in the same server i was in...

Here it is..

Ok if you notice when a beam explodes you can see the explosion.... but if you are in the area around the explosion you can still* take damage.

I say The team should do this instead..

- Increase the size of the explosions slightly.

- If in touched by the exlposion you do dmg

-as for the area around the explosion, it ***shouldn't do damage*** but instead knock/push a player away from the explosion. Very similar to the effect of a player standing next to people who just came out of adv melee.

-The animation should be different. The players should look like they are trying to stand their ground and there SHould be NO recover.

-If the player who is shooting the beam is weaker then the player who is near the beams explosion the player barely gets pushed back or not pushed back at all.. depending on pl.

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