1. Kaination

    Chrome vs Firefox, want personal opinions.

    So lately, I've been thinking, hey, I ******* LOVE Google, but I want to try out their chrome. what would be some advantages or disadvantages users have experienced from using both? which do you use? I want personal experiences, not "WELL GOOGLE IS GOOGLE AND ITS BETTAR HURRR"
  2. Greenberet


    That's right boys and girls. The almighty universe wants Firefox Wikipedia article:
  3. Skyrider

    FireFox out of my life, go Google Chrome!

    As of lately, FireFox is getting slower and slower for me and even randomly crashes quite often. Maybe it's the plugins I have installed, though it is not much of them. I always found Google Chrome better than FireFox but it lacked the Extension manager that FireFox has.. but no more.. As of...
  4. Skyrider

    Mozilla FireFox: MineField (3.7)

    No discussion threads about it? :o, wow: Downloadish: And yes, for those who noticed.. I'm addicted to hello kitty. I ADMIT IT! ..... no seriously.. :-\ my GF likes it though XD...
  5. Spunky

    Firefox Personas

    They're pretty cool. Discuss.
  6. Mous4u

    ESF Home News HELP!

    ok some of yous heard about this in the chat box that Internet explorer 8 is stufed up lol here is the bug firefox works fine with the news but IE8 tut tut tut everytime i go to the news it dosent show the news it just shows The ESF Thing at the top and the picture of the week someone plz help...
  7. Greenberet

    Firefox extensions

    Ok guys thats the deal: If you are an opera,ie user or any other non firefox user...get out of this thread or start using firefox(prefered). I just wanted to know which addons you are using for firefox and why. I'll start with some of mine: Adblock plus: it just removed 90% of the...
  8. Damaera

    Firefox automatically clearing private data?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with Firefox where it clears all of my private data (logs me out of forums/webites) whenever I close it. Problem is, I have no idea why. I don't have "Clear private data when Firefox closes" selected, so that's not the problem. I can't think of anything else, so...
  9. Kaination

    Firefox 3 consistant script error?

    I'm using Firefox 3 and well, It seems pretty good. But, when I try to go on myspace, I constantly get a script error. It doesn't happen on IE. And it doesn't work on my friends firefox 3. It's quite annoying. Is there a fix to it? I'm about to downgrade :<
  10. Barney

    FireFox 3!!!

    It's out today and I'm already using it and loving the new interface. It does seem quite a bit faster as well. I suggest downloading this baby ASAP!
  11. john_volkov

    What's the difference between Firefox and Internet Explorer?

    What's the difrents betwin firefox and Internet Exploler ? I regulary use IE is Firefox beter and why is that ?
  12. M

    Help with FireFox

    Does anyone know how I can lower the font size on the internet permanently to any page without having to press Ctrl+-?
  13. G

    Mozilla Firefox

    Question..... uhm... is mozilla firefox supposed to self install itself onto my computer??!?
  14. D

    FireFox (or maybe all my browsers)

    Firefox is taking forever to load up things, even the forum takes like 25secs+ to load the main page.... it's ridiculus, is thier anything i can do? just loading this little comment box is taking 152 secs+ would prefetching on my fasterfox help? ugh, i cant stand it.
  15. Zeonix

    Firefox 2 Easter Egg I found this pretty funny.
  16. |Overlord|

    Official Firefox Thread

    Offical Firefox thread Discussion of firefox in general, post extensions/themes and discuss firefox updates and changes etc. 21/12/06: Firefox and updates released, look here for more information. Grand Paradiso Alpha 1 (Gran Paradiso being the codename for firefox), which is...
  17. ZeroNightmare

    firefox help...

    ...quick help plz every time i press the apostrophe button a little window comes up, and its damned annoying... is there a way to disable this, because i think i accidently enabled it through a hotkey or something because i dont remember doing it it brings up a little window that says "find...
  18. Tsunami

    Make FireFox faster...again

    You all may remember the tweak I posted a while back on how to make FireFox run faster on your cable/dsl connection, well I'm remaking the post to let you all know it works in FF2 as well. Here you go. Click away.
  19. |Overlord|

    Firefox released Just installed it now, lately though Iv'e been using firefox2 beta2 and nightly builds of Minefield. I assume this may be the last 1.5.X related release before 2.0 is released.
  20. Suh Dude

    Real Firefox :0!

    Not a firefox user but thought to be cool to share this to everyone. :0 Source: