1. CM

    Firefox Beta 2!

    Holy crap this thing is fast. Really, really awesome! Only downside is the massive memory use.
  2. |Overlord|

    firefox 1.5 beta

    Well as the title suggests, I thought I might take a little trip and play around with the new ff beta. It's improving, the only thing that ticks me off though is that most of the really good looking skins aren't compatible with the new beta. Never the less, it's up to you if you feel like...
  3. imkongkong

    ie, mozilla, mozilla firefox, netscape

    which is the best, most safest browser to use? please vote and reply with your reasonings
  4. Deman

    Removing Search Engines from Firefox

    Alrighty, so firefox has that nifty little search bar right next to the address bar that pwns in general. However, I'm a bit annoyed with the fact that it's got so many engines included on it that I will never use, like the eBay or one, so anybody got an idea on how to remove the...
  5. Kaination

    FireFox Download lag :0!

    I've noticed recently when I download anything, my firefox just has a MAJOR lag spike for a couple seconds, sometimes minutes dependant on file size, and i cant do anything on my PC. Usually I just wait it out but it's starting to get on me... any ideas?
  6. DragonDude

    If you're getting popups in Firefox...

    If you're getting popups even with the popup blocker enabled, it's because they're coming at you through Flash. How to stop them:Type about:config into the Firefox location bar. Right-click on the page and select New, and then Integer. Name it privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins Set the value...
  7. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Uh ohz firefox problems

    I dont know what the hell is happening but My firefox randomly plays the beverly hills cop theme!! And at the bottom bar it says receiving data from I updated to firefox 1.03 today, i dunno if this has got to do with it
  8. Optimus Prime

    Great Firefox Addon

    My roommate pointed out this great plugin. Lets you control basically any media player from Firefox via a control panel located at the bottom right of the Firefox window, and it can be relocated if you'd prefer it at the top. Here's a screenshot of my window as I type this message :O...
  9. DragonDude

    More Firefox speed tweaks A useful guide to use, just check the guidelines to determine where your PC/Internet connection falls, and apply the respective changes. Unlike the last "speed tweaks" tip I found, this one can be applied for people of all...
  10. LaMM

    FireFox and CSS

    Hi all, I need some help, and i hope someone has enough skills to be of assistance. I have made a new layout for the site of my fraternity in Holland, and it looks normal and like I intended it in IE 6.0. I also validated it with the W3C rules for both CSS and HTML. But when I checked it...
  11. Tsunami

    Make FireFox Faster

    go to and follow there instructions. after doing this i now feel like i'm on cable
  12. M

    firefox question

    Unable to connect to the database server at this time. what does that mean? is it because the site is down or because firefox cant open the site? its from the NTP site.. when i installed firefox i couldn't open the site :S its kinda wird :P just need a quick answer
  13. Sicron

    Whats so special about 'Firefox'?

    well ive been reading a computer magazine and they say that fire fox is way better then alot of other internet browsers, and i see alot of ppl use a firefox icon in their sigs, this firefox really that good? since i might wanna try it =P
  14. Alteh

    HELP with firefox buttons

    Hey, I've changed themes for firefox and now their is like multiple refresh buttons and stop and home everything. How do you fix it.
  15. TwisteR

    Mozilla Firefox question.

    I decoded to give it a try and im liking it more than IE right now. But it changes the way I view certain things in the forum. Does anybody know how to fix that?
  16. Soulicro

    Firefox help

    I remebered how a lot of people here know about the Firefox. Well, I searched for it and got it. I was all happy and what not but as soon as I started it up it wont connect to any site - it says something like "Site refused connection when contacted." I was wondering if any of you people here...