1. X

    Street Fighter Alpha Generations

    New Street Fighter Alpha anime (lol, someone on Orochinagi forums said Gouki has a huge ass... Anyway... yeah). ** EDIT ** Please Do Not Post Links Leading to other forums. If you need to show something please post a direct link. thank you EDIT: I edited the post in my forum, I added the...
  2. X

    Street Fighter Battles - Vote

    The Poll is Multiple Choice because I want you to answer the outcome of each battle & who you think can beat who. Violent Ken is still a Capcom character even though he only made an appearance in an SNK game, then again if you wanna count him in from the Animated Movie... Go ahead, but he showed...
  3. Kaination

    Red Hadoken in Street Fighter

    Anybody know how to get Ryu's red hadoken in Street fighter II: Turbo? (SNES). Yes its possible because as a child I've done it once or twice, maybe three times on accedent. Anyone know? -- EDIT!!! I dont have my snes anymore (sister took [better yet stole] it to college with her, but im...
  4. D

    Street Fighter Mod

    mod for hl i started a sf mod maby someone whant's join me we need coders mapers modelers and sound artist ill be the graphics artist and the spriter if interested post here or mail me
  5. True-Warrior15

    Invisable Fighter

    Well I found this bug when I went to a server and they found a way to cheat on the game by hitting people all over the place but can't be seen or touched.
  6. X

    Street Fighter III vs. Garou: Mark of the Wolves

    Alright, so which one do you like best? SFIII has more to offer than Garou but just by a little bit... And Garou has a huge similarity to SFIII which you may already know... Im goinna list the diffrences between Garou and SFIII just incase you donno. Although my vote goes out to Garou because of...
  7. X

    The Hardest Boss in any 2D Fighter...

    Who do you think is the hardest boss in a 2D Fighter? My vote goes out to Goenitz and Igniz, the biggest pain in the asses in the whole world...
  8. X

    Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection

    I just wanted to know, has anyone picked this up? Its only $30 bucks and I have been playing it non-stop since its release. The game is brilliant, and who would've thought that combining all of the Street Fighter II games ever made, and putting them into one category named: Hyper Street...
  9. TeKNiK

    OMG.. Another Damn Street Fighter Sig.

    omfg a totally new style from me... CRitz/ Comments..
  10. P

    Street Fighter Video Game Fans!!

    This video is of a match from Evolution 2004 i found it on the dbzonps2 boards and thought i would post it here so sorry if it's been posted before. AnywayThe game is Street Fighter 3rd Strike and the players are Daigo (Ken) vs. Justin Wong (Chun-Li). If you're an avid SF player, you'll be...
  11. B

    DBZ vs Street Fighter & DBZGT RPG

    Ive never seen any like this before has any of you guys ever played this!??
  12. P

    New Fighter =P

    Here is my Bio I will fight anyone at the moment... Just post here and we will give it a shot.
  13. Deman

    A New Fighter has AppeareD!!!!

    While I'm waiting for Deverz, Hwoarang and the Royal Rumble, anybody care to have a few rounds with me? Please note I will be using SuliKan, a new character. There is his bio for the challenger to work off of.
  14. Jaredster

    Favorite Modern USAF Fighter Aircraft.

    What is your Favorite?
  15. N

    Street Fighter Ryu...YeAh !

    [ ReMoVeD ]
  16. N

    The Street Fighter "Blanka" sig..

    Well Here I made An street fighter blanka signature.. just take the time to look at it.. i hope you guys like it..took allot of work this time.. o_o and tryed some new stuff in it.. here it is my own meaning..i dont really like it.. i hope you guys like it, crits ? greetz Niracle :]
  17. N

    Street Fighter sig

    well i made an Vega (From street fighter) signature... i hope you guys like it.. :\ crits ? it didnt took me long to make the sig
  18. M

    ESF Little Fighter 2(ReSkin)Project(WIP) - any1 willing to...

    <center>ESF Little Fighter 2 (ReSkin) Project (WIP)</center> I thought of this idea not long ago, recently I see more and more that it can be done eventually! with the willing modelers and my natural spiriting capabilities( :p ) it should look awesome! in the end it will be pretty huge...
  19. C


    I was just at my friends house and he and I were playing around and i started talking like dbz people....HE got a microphone and i talked into his comp...I can sound Just Like Adult Trunks Adult Gohan Impefect Cell Piccolo Goku (usually when hes mad) So he said that I should try doing...
  20. The Noodler

    Street Fighter Sakura si

    Well i have been makin alot of new sigs and stuff, and i think im gettin better at it. i havent added in the text yet, cuz im scared to ruin it. anyways here is my newest sig i have made: I think its good, oh well critz.