ESF Little Fighter 2(ReSkin)Project(WIP) - any1 willing to...

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May 8, 2003
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<center>ESF Little Fighter 2 (ReSkin) Project (WIP)</center>

I thought of this idea not long ago, recently I see more and more that it can be done eventually!

with the willing modelers and my natural spiriting capabilities( :p )
it should look awesome!

in the end it will be pretty huge cause it will replace almost evreything possible ;)

as soon as I see some serious replies just to make sure that
Im supported in this and it will get somewhere I'll start doing my part:

soon I will release a small spirit pack from LF2 to ESF
I will convert the bmps to the spirits and iname Im pretty sure that it wont look so bad!

I need some modelers to help me with creating the models from lf2
and some more idea to add to this pack
the best ideas will get credit

+=> not only modelers, even more creative guys, like spiriters and sound pack creators ETC...
(maybe I'll save the sound pack to myself, lol im so lazy!)

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