1. chad1123

    Need help with SteamCMD server

    I've followed Hl'evs tutorial but always seem to get stuck at "6. Launch ESF installer. If a message pops up asking if you want to uninstall ESF first, hit No. Uncheck all the options (MP3s, Japanese Voices, Steam menu...
  2. Mangaman1001

    Console errors

    When I install Big Pack 8.4 it works, but I have this in my console: Reading bot_names file... done Reading bot_chat file... done Reading bot_personalities file... done Reading sbot.cfg file... done Reading skill.cfg file... done No detail texture mapping file...
  3. ESForever

    Earth's Special Forces Alpha2.0 Fatal Error

    This version.
  4. Ghost_Ryder

    Plugin error...

    L 04/07/2012 - 09:09:02: [AMXX] Displaying debug trace (plugin "FxLib.amxx") L 04/07/2012 - 09:09:02: [AMXX] Run time error 10: native error (native "get_param_byref") L 04/07/2012 - 09:09:02: [AMXX] [0] Utils.core::getInteger (line 12) L 04/07/2012 - 09:09:02: [AMXX] [1]...
  5. chad1123

    Dedicated Server Error

    Fatal error - Dedicated server Host_Error: PF_precache_sound_[: Sound 'bebi/finalflash_charge.wav' failed to precache because the item count is over the 512 limit. Reduce the number of brush models and/or regular models in the map to correct this. I get this error when I try to start up my...
  6. Ghost_Ryder

    Fatal error - Dedicated server...

    I'm trying to run a server with a new character, but throws an error. Please help. :-/ I HAVE FOUND MY MISTAKE, PLEASE LOCK THE TOPIC.
  7. M

    Fatal error with steam installation

    Hello everyone! My name is Marcus. I first started playing ESF in my freshman year of high school about 9 years ago. I've recently been feeling the itch to check it out again, so I downloaded the necessary files and did my steam install. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem. The error I...
  8. T

    ESF+ECX+BigPack 8.4 cache_tryalloc error

    First off I apologize as I've seen a lot of threads about this but no solutions. Here's my situation If I create a listen server (As in, 'create server') from within ESF, with ESF,ECX and Bigpack 8.4 installed, I have no problems. It works perfectly, love it. Most excellent. People can join...
  9. F

    Bot's error

    Hy i took the esf open beta and i liked very much but when im trying to play with bot's or my pc is blocking or i recive this error can someone tell me whats wrong i thing is about the bot's chat anyway i wanted to close it so please someone can help me?:yes: And because the beta is released i...
  10. K

    Error in my half life

    hey there first i want to thank es forces team for this great game , i tried it on non-steam and it was great i tried to install the steam version but i had alot of problems 1. when i bought half life 1 game the serial didn't work on steam , i tried to check the steam site about this error ...
  11. 2

    Crash by fatal error while adding bot

    I got crash by fatal error while adding bot no matter I add bot in game or before game when the bot came out , it just crash..... ---------- Double Post below was added at - 10:59 AM has been merged with this post created - 10:26 AM at ---------- oop.....I see... I just saw the topic...
  12. R

    Fatal Error.

    Uploaded with What i do now? I open esf, create a game and show this and close the program.
  13. B

    ESF Openbeta 1.3 FINAL -Fatal Error

    hi all, somebody help me please. After 10 seconds of the game flies fatal error and I can not play.What is it?:(
  14. B

    cannot play at all because of dll error

    I have just downloaded and installed ESF but I cannot even play on my own because I keep getting the error: could not load library C:\SIERRA\Half-Life/ESF/cl_dlls\client.dll How can I fix this so I can play?
  15. C

    could not contact game server to retrieve server list error.

    Hi I downloaded earth speical forces today and when I try to refresh to find servers online I get the error could not contact game master to retrieve server list. I have half life 1 on my computer if it requires that I don't know much about putting mods on and stuff like that so could someone...
  16. Zero12

    Something wrong with my esf

    Well i have a error when i start a server it says error couldn't not found models player evolution podium.mdl can someone help me:(.
  17. S

    I try..

    I have a problem when i try to install ESF. See : ns56231 :/home/esforces/steam# ./hlds_run -game esf +maxplayers 16 +map esf_arri val +port 30000 Auto detecting CPU Using AMD Optimised binary. Auto-restarting the server on crash Console...
  18. K

    Fatal Error

    hello Fatal Error Cache_TryAlloc:677488 is greater then free hunk help me please :(
  19. Syed Noman

    hi i help me with esforces on Steam

    when i choose internet games in esforces and and find servers it takes 2 minuts to connect with valve server after connecting there is no server and also when i click on creat server game crashes and gives error. . and also please give me steam esforces server ids
  20. G

    fatal error with open beta 1.3 final

    FATAL ERROR with 1.3 final FATAL ERROR MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed. can someone explain? i played ESF 1.3 with bot , then fatal error is appear. how i to do ? i like to play ESF 1.3 with bot