1. Blademaster


    What do i do if i want to edit waypoints? what do i need? what do i do?
  2. K

    video editing help

    what is a good codec to use for when makeing music videos? i know some music videos are better then others because of the keyframes and such but i cant remember one i always used before.
  3. S

    Any movie editing programs that can do this?

    I'm looking for a program that can create a small text video. I'd like to be able to put some music into it and then make fading text appear and then fade away, like a preview sort of thing. Anyone know of a program that can do that?
  4. D

    video editing

    hi could you guys tell me how to do this pls If made a move but i want to cut some stuff out and write something on some of the images you see but i dont know how
  5. Goten-son

    Video editing help

    Hello, i got a clip i want to make a screen saver BUT first i want it to play once then reverse play. If you must know its a garfield clip where he pokes his head up then smiles i want him to unsmile then go back down. any help? thanks in advance
  6. R

    Editing a skin - Question - tut link doesnt work.

    Alright, I've edited the original Goku skin and it looks pretty l337 i was just wondering how i put it onto the model through half-life model viewer WITHOUT making it 256 color bmp so it ruins the color... its making me mad anyone wanna share how?
  7. D

    Model editing

    is there a program that lets you edit half life models can some one please tell me
  8. Super Bolt V2

    AMX Editing

    What program do i use to edit .amx files?
  9. PuRe SaiYan

    editing dbz animations?

    Does anyone know how to edit dbz animations because in my signiture i have an animation ( adult and chibi trunks firing beams at eachother) that has too much space at the bottom.. i want it to just be below their feet so theres no empty space.. can someone tell me how to fix it or fix it for...
  10. M

    Sound editing

    Hi, I'm Mibu and I'we already made one soundpack for ESF/EVM but now I'm in kinda trouble, I have nice sounds that my friend gave me 8 for and are good to make a new aura sound (SSJ3) but I don´t know how to loop the auras sound, please help me if you can :(
  11. M

    Sound Editing Problem + Encoding info needed

    Karrde Closed the Stickied thread b4 the Question could be answered anyway thats a dar*n good question and I'd like an answer for that one if any1 know... also - the main subject - I know I must encode the wav files somehow b4 I can use them in the game! check out my thead -...
  12. O

    liblist editing for 1.1 Bots

    [COLOR=Red]I've tried installing the bots into the esforces dlls folder and every other folder, activated it and it still doesn't work. I heard that something needs to be edited in the liblist or something but don't know what to write and where...
  13. samurai^Kurai

    editing wrl model files

    how do i edit the wrl model files like the destructodisc or the aura?
  14. T

    Editing a model

    can someone give me plzz an editing tutorial and not the smo one if been tryin and tryin it's to hard so... if you know any other tutorials you could give i would really be greatful
  15. G

    The Impossible Is Possible!?

    O_O Ya bow to me BOW TO ME! lol they will not be released there just for you to admire my two little friends here :fight:
  16. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  17. F


    well im super noob at modelling but i wonder is the best way to start by editing other models first cuz its hard to make ur own model cuz u gotta make the outline and then u gotta make it more detailed correcT?
  18. N

    Gotenks sprites?

    hey i was just wonderin how you get the sprites for gotenks workin? I'll try again but if you can help then thx nvm I got it plz close
  19. M

    Editing Video Files

    off toppic - Miscellaneous , right? How do I edit an edited (BY windows movie maker) WMV file, not with WMM , so I can convert it to an AVI file or\and a GIF file? in other words respand with a link *** this is Miscellaneous topic , right? *** *** where else?? *** *EDIT* I want to create an...
  20. U

    my new majiin vegeta

    new majin vegeta by me ill be released soon for 1.1 :devgrin: