1. whjq

    Creating or editing characters.

    Can anybody tell me how to create/edit a character? Maybe if there's a specific program used? I want to make a costume for Goku and another for Broli. Maybe edit a few moves, too, e.g. Kamehameha.
  2. Boogyman93

    Anyone with experience in editing UE3 Engine.ini files?

    I noticed that all Unreal Engine 3 games that I have (Mass Effect 1 and 2, UT3, Gears of War) have an Engine.ini file that can be easily modified to improve the games graphics. So I did some research on what to change from False to True and values to change in order to improve the shadow and...
  3. X

    Editing models/sprites/data...etc

    i was wondering how i can edit models or sprites...was searching and found a MilkShape3D for models but for sprites idk yet...and was wondering how to code or w\e it is done like attacks dmg of attacks or maybe editing character data (if its all possible) in ESF/ECX...just wondering about all...
  4. john_volkov

    editing pic chalange

    insted of that box to make a zombie there PRIZA: my 10x :D
  5. wheres_

    DVD ripper for Editing.

    Basically I've got a film assignment and I need to rip a DVD to avi format so I can edit it in Premiere. What's the best program for the job? PC btw
  6. Morvin

    Editing model problem

    Well... I took the head of the 1.3 Goku model that I think its the only one that look like the real anime and put on 1.2 model but when I compiled it happened this weird problem!:confused: If anyone know why this is happening please tell me!
  7. +HottsaucE@+

    movie editing programs

    does anybody know any good movie editing programs greater than windows movie maker? im after a really good one even if its expensive. also with making/editing sounds and or pictures
  8. Keiha

    Editing Ken Masters (Just messing around)

    Hey, just messing around with the Ken HD pic. Might put it into a sig. I'm not too content with the hadoken. Still working on it. Added some sparkling wiggles and a hadoken. I was going to go with a beam type thing, a la Marvel vs Capcom, but I decided to try and do a classic...
  9. T

    Simpler cvar editing

    This doesn't even have to be done by any dev. Any ol' coder could likely do it. I was thinking something like this. A program that has all the class_, charge_turbo_ and ki_cost_ cvars in an editable list. Something like... ...that. Any good? :)
  10. veqeta

    Is this possible? i need some model editing help... :S

    Hi, i was wondering is it possible to put piccolo's cape on a gohan model? or is that harder than changing the hair which someone did a few threads below and i would like to know if you can do that with vegeta's armour aswell thanks.
  11. KidMan

    Sound Editing

    I'm asking the ESF pro's and the pro rogues on this board on how to remove background music from an audio clip. I made a video clip of goku going SSJ3 and then I extracted the audio from it. Now i was to just isolate the yelling and screaming so I can add my own music behind it. I'm using...
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Audio Editing Software

    is there any program that i can use to like... remove the vocals from a song, like editing sound waves and removing them or something :O oh help me out. i'm fairly sure its possible
  13. Ka1s3r_x

    Image editing problems!!!

    I want to have a signature but i dont know any software for that job. any suggestions??? :cry: even if anyone can help?? :cry:
  14. Kaination

    Editing sprites :0!

    Anyone know how to edit sprites in Paint shop pro? D:
  15. S

    Editing Char

    Anyway possible to edit a chars starting power or health that he/she/it starts of with , i only wanna know for the purpose of versin bots not for lan use, thanks ;)
  16. Chakra-X

    Editing .Smds...

    Yeah I was just wondering how do you edit the animations of models? I open the smd in milkshape and I edit them to my liking, but when i go to the next frame, it show the defualt posistion when i go back to the frame i edited.
  17. HellBringer.

    Sound Editing

    umm im sry if this was mentioned but wat program do i use to if i want to take out the singing of a song? and is there any tutorials? thanks
  18. N

    Editing Super Bots

    I opened sbot.txt and edited my super bot things [SUPERBOT] ki_gain 0 health_gain 0 powerlevel 25000000 transparency_val 255 sbotlaser_percent 0 [MEGABOT] ki_gain 0 health_gain 0 powerlevel 50000000 transparency_val 255 sbotlaser_percent 0 [ULTIMATEBOT] ki_gain 0 health_gain...
  19. D

    editing stuff

    im not sure if this is the right forum to have this on but... can anyone tell me how to edit the sprites on esf?
  20. Rayos

    Ape server fun night with map editing

    i have to admit...fusion what you did tonight was pretty awsome...though now my head is completely spinning and i think i won't be able to play for a week ((a few people might like that lol )) but damn man that was some freaky teleporting map changing dragon floating stuff you had...good job