1. ESForever

    All the POTW are edited with photoshop?

    esforces.com facebook By JPEGsnoop http://www.impulseadventure.com/photo/jpeg-snoop.html
  2. Damaera

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY [S]!!!!! - Title Edited By OptiPrime

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
  3. Suh Dude

    *Edited* Come Look At My Thread

    Just kidding, I made a new logo for my new community I've just started recently and I need something catchy. A slogan would be nice. It's still a work on progress so yeah. D: C&C if you want.
  4. Valeska

    bleach edited signature

    new bleach signature version...more a try-out C&c welcome
  5. T

    Sjj4 Vegeta Edited & now is being skined

    hi everyone killer was telling me he was making a mod so i desided to help a little. ;) also credits to the esf team. ;)
  6. T

    Gt Chibi Goku Edited and Skined

    credits; Godgundam- face Kreshi- For body and hair and Kama hope u guys like it what do u think?
  7. S


  8. H

    Glowing Smo SSJ2 Goku

    Heres an edit I made a while back.. complete with glowyness... A few people wanted me to edit my SSJ2 Goku from a while back. Said the hair was messed up. So here it is: <BR><IMG SRC="http://images.deviantart.com/i/5/d/2/Glowing_SSJ2_Goku.jpg"><BR> Hope you like. Credits go to Smo for making the...
  9. I

    my gotenks model edit

    been bored... as usual... and decided to do a gotenks model edit because the last gotenks one wasnt that good well here it is... credits to: shijing and asian for the parts i took off their kid buu model, and nuttzy for the male base model...
  10. S

    goku i edited

    credits to ned for his vegetto. this is an edit i made "for myself" today cuz i was bored. heres a pic I WILL NOT RELEASE THIS BECAUSE I WILL GET IN BIG TROUBLE IM JUST SHOWING IT.
  11. W

    MiXseD Ssj-Trunks ! very good work..

    hello i mix some model look i export some trunks and i want to switch his head soo i export the trunks thet i want to do head switch with skalakton and then i export the trunks i want 2 mix without skelektn. look... at the pic... but first i almost forgot it credits :) for all the model :)...
  12. W

    Cell_Sega_gohan+ pic+dl !

    got damn! duds! look i got ssj2gohan model. and i just need u to make me ssj gohan hair ! u see look this is the gohan model pack i made i dont make the models i edit them to 1 pack: here is the dl to edit them for me. http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/woker2/Cell_Sega_gohan.rar...
  13. Ultra33Gokussj3

    EVM progress , New model T.

    Ok , i v been floded with PM , asking about evm about evm , Wele , evm could be done anyday now , but itl be released in 3 months , becuse it has lots of bugs , also , modeling i think is close to 60 % , becuse were modeling auras for diferent ascendation , also here the trunks , that ...
  14. GhostfaceKillah

    Arthas Reborn....

    Cheezy title, crappy art by me, crit me hardcore so i can stop sucking plz!!!!! http://www.deviantart.com/view/2591263
  15. T

    SsJ 4 GoHaN 1.1

    SsJ 4 GoHaN 1.1 ready to release! credits on. well here it is at last just need someone to host it............... enjoy............. :devsmile:
  16. Tweek


    ..I saw the earlyer post about a WIP SSJ3 Vegeta and it enspired me 2 dig out me old SSJ3 mdl ;D it has just been lying around my computer 4 the last mounth or so and i was wondering if there was anythin i could do 2 make it better :rolleyes: Well it should hopefully be posted on BS...
  17. Ã

    SSj3 Vegeta

    do u like wat i am makeing [/IMG]
  18. Element4q2

    Bardock Finished

    Ok heres my "finished" Bardock model. Basically finished just have to add the scar to his cheek. Probably not the best picture but the new image host im using limits filesize. Credit to ESF Team for Vegeta body and SMo for the original face.
  19. T

    Vegito Model + Soundpack?

    *Read Topic Title* Does Anyone Know Where I Could Get These Two Things? ;/ :( O_o o_o :p
  20. M

    TGW Clan Map

    TGW Clan Maps Heeyzz Guys Well i have a good set of Clan mapper namely SJ Prince Cold Steel Sanosuke gTn There getting very good and u can see there stuff at our clan page check it out you will ike em The Golden Warriors Clan Map Page leave critz about the maps *Can...