1. Mkilbride

    Judge who beat daughter over downloading music gets his job back.
  2. EliteMarine

    Having trouble downloading models.

    I'm having trouble downloading models to ESF. For example EVM with SSJ4 Goku & Vegeta, I did everything the instructions said and it still did not work. For the AF packs for ECX RC2 I exrtact it to the models folder in my esf folder and it still dosent work. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  3. Mkilbride

    Minesota Moma hit with 1.5 Million dollar fine for downloading MP3s Wow, really? Just toss her a 100$ fine + 24$ for the Songs. Estimates show she could break into a music store, steal hundreds of CD's, burn the place down, and it'd have cost her less...
  4. N

    downloading Half Life, Esf help

    Hello guys, im new around here and trying too figure out how things work, i have read the rules and instructions, from what mistakes i have been doing is that i thought the esf 1.2.3 will work by just downloading that but im wrong aint i, after going through some of the threads and by the...
  5. Deathshot

    Old Game Downloading

    Is it considered Illegal to download games no longer in production? Such as old PS1 games?
  6. Growler

    Downloading Music from Youtube as MP3

    There are a couple songs I want to download from Youtube as MP3s... but don't know how to do it. Any ideas?
  7. S

    Problem with downloading ESF 1.3

    I've tried the filefront mirror four times and another site once, for a total of five times trying to download the latest open beta. (I'm aware bots will be unusable, but I'm worried about the game.) Basically, what happens is that the downloader I use (I recently changed to Road Runner-a...
  8. D

    Downloading Half Life One With Half Life 2 CD Key?

    i bought half life 2 game of the year that came with half life : source and counter strike : source i KNOW i can't use play esf on half life source but can i download half life 1 through steam ? or do i have to go buy the original half life 1 with its cd key or do i just need to install half...
  9. W

    Downloading ESF

    I alrdy got Steam with HL on it. Can someone direct me to the link that just contains ESF not HL/ESF all in one? Much thanks.
  10. G

    Downloading models

    can someone help me DL a mdoel? B\c i have never done it b4. or is there a tutorial or something that can help me?
  11. bapplebo

    What are you downloading?

    In accordance to the "What are you drinking?" thread. I'm downloading mods for KoTOR.
  12. I


    ok i downloaded sbolt ssj2 gohan but i dont know how to run it on esf with ANY information on how or what to do with these downloads please help your help will b gladly appreciated thank you.
  13. sstrunks9914


    ok i downloaded sbolt ssj2 gohan but i dont know how to run it on esf with ANY information on how or what to do with these downloads please help your help will b gladly appreciated thank you.
  14. L


    Hi i no im new buti have used esf lots of times at a mates place but i cant download esf from the link in the posr from pain called "How to install ESF" my internet connection is 1500/256k so can any one pls tell me a link that works to download esf?? please it will help verymuch :yes: Msn...
  15. -Blaze-

    Suggestion for downloading esf1.3

    As you know, esf 1.3 might be in a big size, so i suggest to make download in parts. Example: esf1.3 install part1. esf1.3 install part2. and so on. Thats the way how to download it faster.
  16. V

    Help downloading

    I noticed on one of the downloads it said half life 2 files so does that mean i can use half life 2 to play it?
  17. T

    keep on downloading

    yes well, i'm pretty new here, and i've been trying to connect to some servers, but when i do, it keep on downloading things....all sorts of WAV files... is there anyway i can get those all in one download? cauze it's really's been downloading for more than half an hour and still...
  18. M

    Downloading models etc.

    If I were to download a model of Goku, and put it in the right folder, would that model appear in game? And could I do the same thing with sounds? I've found models of ssj3 goku and ssj4 vegeta, but i dont know why i would use them or even if i can. how would i use those models for in game?
  19. T


    where can i dl EVM?(AUSSY SITE IF ARE ANY) where can i dl latest full version of ESF? (AUSSY SITE IF ARE ANY) do i need to dl EVM and ESF? do i need to dl any model packs?
  20. I

    Having Problems downloading sprites

    I can't download off of for sum reason, ive tried everything. So i go to google and search but its the same thing with every good website. I finally found a few sprites, it was gotenks pack, and i installed it into \Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\myemail\Half-Life\esf then i found...
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