1. Mkilbride

    Bucky Balls could double your lifespan. I see these being of great use for Space Explorers and Terra formers. Over-population is an issue, but imagine if being say, 60-70, was "Middle-aged" ?
  2. Mkilbride

    Developers claim costs for developing for next gen consoles will "double" Hmm, gee, that's weird. PC titles for years have been putting out better textures and higher polygon models, and they primarily sold for less. What a bunch of bull****. This just in: X720...
  3. M

    Double Trouble

    V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 What do you think?
  4. X

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent

    I've got the PC version, and so far it KICKS ASS. Runs very smoothly on my rig. Here are my relevant system specs: If you've played the game, share thoughts and opinions here.
  5. J

    double agent

    Kinda been liking this border style lately :) Whatcha guys think?
  6. J

    SC: Double Agent

    So yeah, this game looks tons of fun. Especially versus mode. I just called my local ebgames and they said that the PC version should be in there tommorow morning, so I cant wait. :) Here's some vids of versus mode. Spy: Merc...
  7. N

    Swooping - Must it be a double key tap?

    I've been playing 1.2.3 for a while now (previously played a few years ago, just before it came out) and while most of it is good, one thing really gets to me. I am not good at double-tapping keys. It's fuggly, counter-intuitive and sometimes very difficult to pull off when you need it most as...
  8. donnierisk

    double beam.

    Okay, I think this might have been suggested before and also I think Gohan or someone is getting it.. But wouldn't it be cool when you're in a ps with generic beam and you press right click or something then you charge another beam then you have a double beam, because say now it's a kamehameha...
  9. D

    double knockouts

    when you and your opponent hit each other with basic melee while below 5 health you both get knocked out cant really put it into detail...
  10. R

    Double hit Melee

    I used to play way back and Im just now getting back into it. I left right after the new melee system came out. So I was playing today and this one guy kept hitting me twice in a row. He was using the type of melee where you hold down the right mouse and you hit the person to send them flying...
  11. B

    Double kick

    i know when u charge at someone and hold mouse2 to kick ur opponent off in the air but how do u do double kick, i know u have to teleport to him but how do u kick the second time
  12. I

    how 2 double space

    how do you double space in Microsoft works word proccesor?
  13. Mr. Satans

    Naruto Double Eps.

    I used a renaming program to rename all my Naruto eps to include a 0 infront of all the non-100's but I forgot about the double eps so now I need a list of all the double eps so I can fix a few things.
  14. O

    Double tapping made easier?

    Is there a way to bind a key to swooping in a certain direction instead of double tapping? tanx Otius
  15. Numenor

    Telepunch or double dash punch ?

    Normally when I do basic melle I try to hit um once with BM and get the second hit by using teleport in the direction I hit them. this works most of the time but uses lots of ki and If I miss I can end up in a bad possition. But recently I switched to dashing after them after the first hit...
  16. X

    double standard

    I shall conquer it now!!! dude really what is up with the double standard. slut vs pimp so a pimp is cool, overall. personally I don’t think so, but that’s another story. a slut is bad, overall. Yes the whole “bad girl” complex is in there, but no one would really want to date a...
  17. Bobku

    Double Teaming

    How about tag team moves between 2 players in the same team. I know you can throw while other beams them but Im thinking proper double team moves. For example vollying the player between them or one throws them to their team mate and they smack them to the ground.
  18. dudiblah

    double swooping

    to make urself alot more manuverable hav double swooping like the ^> buttons for diagnolly swooping and sharper turns or space bar and ^ to go up and forward tell me wat u think
  19. R

    Double Team

    well like piccollo and Krillen did wen they were fighting Nappa and Vegeta. they where tripled so can we put that in the game to ? :) ;D
  20. U

    Double Tap Tweak

    I've searched threads but all suggesting to remove the double tap. I'm not suggesting that so i didn't want to put this in someone elses thread. Suggestion: Why couldn't swooping work like this. It would be just as difficult except it would be faster to do. Thus increasing the gamespeed...
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