1. S

    Your .dll ]HELP ME[

    Help, i just got done downloading the 1.3 patch and it says somthing like this "Your .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] Differs from other server's" Help me out guys -_-
  2. S

    .dll [cl_dllsclient.dll]

    Uh.....I click on servers and I get some error saying .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the server. I have seen some solutions on the forums like installing 1.2.3 which I do have and either stop trying to play servers that dont use 1.2.3. I clicked ever server and got the same error is it...
  3. S

    uhh another question? about .dll

    what does it mean? i cant join any games can some one help me please
  4. I


    Well I just started to play ESF and i downloaded both the FULL VERSION and the PATCHS, and i tried to play, when i tried to enter a server i got an error message stating my DLL differs from the server... whats up with that and what can i do to prevent/change that?
  5. K

    .dll differs from servers

    i downloaded the 1.2.3 version of ESF and it still says my .dll differs from the server, wtf?
  6. T

    DOes having the lite version cause dll problems?

    I cant join any servers because my dll's are diff than the server. I have the lite version of 1.2.2..
  7. S

    need help .dll

    hi i want to play online but i have this error client.dll is differs but yesterday it worked fine :S
  8. E


    When i connect to the server it says: your dll differs from the server. Whan i have to do? o_o
  9. T

    Client dll error!

    well, I'm french and I have a problem to play whith ESF. When I connect to play, I have a message: "could not load library c:\sierra\half-life\esf\cl-dlls\client.dll" please help me!!!
  10. M

    Your .dll [cl_dllsclient.dll] differs from the server's

    hey everytime i try 2 get on a server this message appears and its says this Your .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the server's and then it doesnt allow me 2 play its been happenning for a long time and i dont know how 2 fixe it, i even tried 2 reformate my computer it still doesnt work...
  11. T

    need alot of help i got steam and 1.2.1 but when i start game it says bad dll.....

    ok i installed the 1.2.1 but when i did that i had to find the file so i went to c:/sierra/halflife and i tryied to install it to the esf file but i would not let me so i just sent it to the halflife file. THen when i started up steam and go it going i could only find the esf under the server...
  12. M

    Missing DLL :/

    The link was broken :( Is there any other place to get that fix? When I try to start ESF it goes to the splash screen and then gets out with this error message:
  13. N

    DLL error on STEAM.. BUT, tried all solutions

    Ok, I've got 1.21 BETA for EFS. I've got Steam. I've entered the CDKey and Half Life now shows on the list for Steam, BUT, I still cannot get the EFS mod to run. Every time I see the question asked, it seems to be resolved by getting 1.21 and / or steam. Before installing STEAM, the...
  14. X

    Can't play ESF, DLL problem.

    Hi, I've been playin ESF for a long time, then I quit. I have quit for like a year. Now I've Installed the ESF 1.2 (I think) and I get this: It's something with my DLL, it's different. What to do?
  15. G

    Help me it says me .dll doesnt match with server

    Mosty of the games i try to join are .dll are not the same as the servers o sry cilent/dll How can i fix this I just started today good game though
  16. B

    still with that client DLL

    i have the dll problem they i kno some people have but i have no time to search through the fourms. the one where when you try to play the game it just crashes to your destop and says something about the client DLL can someone give me the file you have to put in??? EDIT: in the sticky...
  17. T

    .dll Client.dll?

    I am unable to join all the server becuase when i try to connect it says that my d.ll[d.ll/client.dll] does not match servers. Can someone please tell me what this means and how i can fix it.
  18. R

    .dll problems

    can any 1 tell me how to stop these .dll problems when i join a server it says somthing .dll i dont know what to do
  19. Mystic Snake

    help with this .dll thing!?

    I think im destined never to get onto a game >.<. anyway im now using stream and i try to connect to a ESF server then this stuff comes up it says '.dll[cl_dlls/client.dll] differs from the server'. what does that mean and how do i get rid of the bugger?
  20. A


    i just installed it with path. but when i join a game it says your client Dll differs from the serveer's DLL i have a P4 3.0 HT 200GB HD 1GBram Ati Radeon 9800 i have reinstalled a few times + the patch.