1. J

    .dll problem

    Ok im having a trouble joining servers b/c they say some crap about abut .dll so i installed the patch liek some one said but now when i join servers it says plz remove color models from this server when its done loading and then after that it crashed some one plz help. Btw i downloaded the beta...
  2. T

    dll problem

    I have downloaded the mode of esforces and also the new beta patch The starting of the program with steam works but when i try to join a esforces server it says ( Your .dll[cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the server's what should a do about this. I have tryed it with 1.2 and 1.2.1. pleaz...
  3. D

    i join game = .dll differs from servers???

    Every time i trie to join a game it sais that my .dll dl_client something dll differs from the servers... i need help! Thanx, from me.
  4. Argilus

    dll problems

    Alright, had to install steam, no other choice. So I did, now none of the servers run the same game I guess. It always says when I try to join that the server has a dll file than me. What do you suggest I do? Reinstall everything? And where do I get the orginal esf, then to upgrade to 1.2.1
  5. S

    client dll fix help!!

    ok i know from this forum that there are plenty of threads about this. but it is,nt helping so this is what i have done. i have installed esf 1.2 on my steam *third party* and it is working but if i want to join a server it say,s that me client.dll is different from the other servers...
  6. S

    your .dll [cl_dlls/client.dll] differs from the server's

    Whenever i try to join a server i get this message: your .dll [cl_dlls/client.dll] differs from the server's (and yes it happens on 1.2 servers) Thanx for the help in advance
  7. G

    dll problem!

    i cant play a game in esf i try to make a map it says im missin a dll thingy, i re downloaded it but it doesnt work!
  8. M


    when i try to enter a ESF server a :warning: and says that my dll is diffrent from the server :S :S
  9. RavenTrunks


    my first time using steam, and i did everything steam said to do, move files to folder and stuff, but when i start the game it Loads the main screen, the one with vegeta hitting piccolo, then it gives me a error, something about a .dll not being the same i think, i think it said client.dll
  10. MistSuperSaiyan

    DLL Error, please help!

    Yes, im a n00b or whatever you would call me and need some help. I was trying to create a Net Game, and it came up with 'could not loa library C:\Sierra\HALF-LIFE/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll' Sorry if i posted in the wrong place, or if im just stupid... The error wont let me play either, because...
  11. M

    filesystem dll

    I just downloaded 1.1 (not upgrade) and install it, after i install and click on it's icon 2 play it says "could not find filesystem dll to load" can any1 help me?, and can some1 help me get me the steam version of 1.1
  12. K

    esf 1.1 steam how? dll problem

    when i added esf on steam hl folder and everything wehn i lanched game it said f.mod.dll or sutmhing and then could not load libaray c:/program files/steam/steamapps/my e-mail/half-life/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll??? plz someone plz help me!!!!! :cry:
  13. grOOvy

    The new -dll Parameter!

    I was just updating Steam after a looong while, and I noticed a new update for Half-Life: I personally think that this is a very good feature added and that all the mini-mod (addon) developers out there should take a good note of this. This basically means no more tedious editing of...
  14. E

    Client dll

    Hello, I just installed Half-life then installed esf and then evm. After selecting the map in Lan games and I click 'Ok' a error message comes up - 'could not load library C:\SIERRA\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls\client.dll'. Also, when I click on internet games it says 'logging on to won' but...
  15. E

    Problems with filesystem dll

    Hi, I'm trying to launch the EFS, but it says that "Could not find the filesystem dll to load". I have the last Steam and EFS versions, and I've read the FAQ's and Manuals, but didn't find the answer. Does somebody know what is it? How can I solve this problem? Thanks, elendur.
  16. M

    could not load DLL file.

    :notice: when i run this mod in join or create game. i alway got error message look like could not load ....\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll how can i do :confused: anyone can help me ? thank :scared:
  17. J

    How can I visualize a DLL file??

    HOW CAN I VISUALISE A DLL FILE??? I wanna read the client.dll and the others dlls from ESF and TS!!!!
  18. Veger

    The client dll!

    Hey guys please help.I downloaded the alpha 2.0 source and when i compile the client.dll esf alpha dosen't load it please help. :cry:
  19. V

    DLL problem

    i apologize in advance if this is a dumb question ok i've already searched and found stuff Kindve related to this but i just want to explain what hasn't been said before so i downloaded esf, works fine, so i tried to get my girlfriend to download it so in halflife/esf theres only the...
  20. X


    i go to internet games and then i click a server and then it tells me that it couldnt load cl_dlls\client.dll what do i do.