1. phrack50

    Asteroid 2012 DA14 Discussion

    So today is doomsday again, or not according to NASA. Check this article here for all the information. Normally I would not bother with such discussion but that asteroid is swinging by really close. Russia has reported a meter shower today which is supposedly not linked with the asteroid in...
  2. phrack50

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Discussion

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Discussion -------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYMigBNFSKs I finally emerged from my minecraft coma, and figured it time to post something noteworthy. You may wonder why I am posting this. Mainly I am still a turtle fan after all...
  3. dbzrogue

    07 Ghost Manga Discussion

    This is actually a shoujo manga, but it has quite a few shounen elements, making it very enjoyable to read. To tell the truth, i have yet to start reading the manga, but i have watched the anime, and its seriously awesome, though relationships seem to have a hint of a homosexuality, not that...
  4. H

    How do you chat in the trade or general discussion chats in World of Warcraft?

    Ok, I know how to chat in the guild chat, in the party chat, and I know how to say something where what you say appears over your head. But how do you talk to other players using just "general" chat or "trade" chat?
  5. C

    Diablo Discussion Thread

    This thread is about the legendary Diablo series made by Blizzard Entertainment. Theres also Diablo III on the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri4HNggFHqc I have recently tried it out and i must say that it is amazing. Discuss about Diablo here :) Tell me what you think about it :)
  6. Disguise

    Discussion of Numbers

    I've been considering the relations between numbers and how they affect other factors. I'll keep this simple and open to feedback. Topics: 1.) Natural Regeneration vs Cost 2.) Maximum Capacity 1.) Natural Regeneration or Drain has the highest influence on all factors of the game play...
  7. The Deco

    The everlasting discussion - Do strategy games make you smarter?

    I read some opinions about it in forums via searching in google. Now im bringing the discussion to this forum. Do strategy games make you smarter? (While you may think it is about board games as well, such as chess, im referring to video games solely) Now I will mention one opinion here -...
  8. Cap J

    Sword Discussion

    DEMAN EDIT: Moved posts from the pic thread about swords to here since they were threatening to take a few pages. Lucky, mine looks best short (like in the wedding pic), if it gets longer it just looks crappy. Heh, I was told by a girl I've known for years that she is jealous of how my hair...
  9. The Deco

    The eternal discussion invades ESForums - Pirate Vs Ninjas

    Who will win? The pirates? The ninjas? All rules apply, the pirates can use their ships and cannons (please remember, they don't have infinite ammo cheat, this is REALISTIC after all...) Each ship may contain up to 300 people. Ninjas can aboard the ships, they can fight on islands against...
  10. Damaera

    Melee Overview Discussion

    Discuss / post your suggestions about the melee overview in this thread. Offical melee overview thread: http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?p=919327#post919327 Remember, this is your chance to make 1.3 one of the best releases. If you don't like something, speak up.
  11. Odin

    Due to a recent discussion with Cosaga

    A good question was brought to my attention, and I would like you all to participate in answering it. Who, in your opinion were the best top ESF players that you can remember. I know its a hard question to answer, because there were many different versions, and different people got better/worse...
  12. Damaera

    Mario Kart Wii (Discussion and Friend Codes)

  13. Mr.Lukyas

    Arcade discussion

    So, opinions? IMO the best game is chopper challange
  14. Desmond Tiny

    Bleach Discussion [Anime spoilers]

    I'm a HUGE bleach fan and I personally can't talk enough about it and since it seems to be as popular as Naruto and that has it's own sticky I thought bleach should have one! I'd make a manga thread since I read the manga but I will just have to stick with the anime as more people will be...
  15. SS2 Vegeto

    Dragonball Tier Top Ten (manga, canon discussion only)

    Top ten strongest, that appear in the manga basically. I like to sort of...gauge where everyone stands on things like this, because I like to debate. And am new to this forum. Anyway, backed by the manga, I'd have to say without much of a doubt: 1. MSSJ Vegetto 2. Gohan Buu 3. Vegetto 4...
  16. Wolf Devil

    Curses be!(Guitar Discussion inside!)

    I just took a shower and my fingers are all pruney.... so now I can't play my guitar, cuz it hurts to pick :'( Sucks...
  17. imkongkong

    blood + discussion

    who here has seen the first episode? wee its looking really awesome =) for those who dont know, this series came spawned from the movie blood the last vampire.. well anyone have any thoughts?
  18. J

    Discussion: Scripting/Exploiting

    Now we all know what scripting is. Some people don't understand scripts and what they do. I want this thread here to be a place everyone can talk about scripting/exploiting. I want to hear opinions and what people feel should/shouldn't be allowed. Subjects can range from simple swoop scripts to...
  19. Sicron

    [Spoilers] Naruto 133 discussion

    Ah....so we have finaly seen his chakra in the anime.....manga chakra looked different tho....i liked the episode, the drawings quality sometimes sucked, but the animations were sweet...
  20. Rayos

    Discussion of Pope's past

    Discussion has arroused the minds of many as his past seems to be somewhat clouded. It was found out that the pope, in the 1940's was in Hitler's Youth a nazi party. Whether he was a nazi is still debatable but his past is still being covered and his mentinos of it have been slim to none. What...
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