1. Blackowt

    (Destructo) Disc Attack for Goku and Vegeta

    Yes, I know it may sound sort of strange, but in the series, they in fact, DO have this attack! Yes, I know you may think it might be unbalanced, but if ESF is trying to be accurate to the series they must implement this in the game if they want a truly accurate DBZ game. Examples of this...
  2. Prozac

    Krillin's destructo disk! ( Scatter disk )

    First thing's first.. This thing is totally awesome <3 scatter disk but I've got one little suggestion for it. which is quite simple, decrease the number of disks it "splits up" in when not fully charged. Like 3 for < 1/4 charged 5 for for 1/4 to 1/2 charged and all of it after...
  3. Mccdbz5

    The difference between Destructo Disk and Frieza Disk

    Doesn't anyone else think there should be some other kind of difference rather than just having being able to control one, and not control the other? Well here's an idea I came up with, I think that there should be a difference in speed. To me, Frieza Disk can be good, and Destructo Disk can't...
  4. Y

    PLZ helt destructo disc.mdl

    whenever i try to play esf v1.2.3 it says cannot find model destructo_disc.mdl :( plz help me newbie in need
  5. Ravendust

    Disc Changes: Destructo Disc, Multi Disc, Scatter Disc...

    I thought of a few things to change for Krillin, it would implement new attacks and and would only overpower him in making him more unpredictable: Destructo Disc: As it is now, I think it should have a larger max size and also be faster the larger it is, and maybe slightly less ki cost (to...
  6. .Maze

    Destructo Disc Swating

    Well i recently watched DBZ episode where Gohan SSJ2 fights cell. and he catched the Destructo Discs. When you alot more powerfull or an Transform Stage ahead(ESF 1.3?) then you should be able to catch or swat them away. Thats it
  7. FreeDoM

    Destructo Disc Fix for Beta1.1

    I noticed a lot of people had the destructo disc crash. This fix was suppost to be in the installer but for some reason it didn't make it. Basically what happens is, if you use a certain loop technique the loop itself crashes HL ONLY if it's in 22050Hz. The way around this is to convert that...
  8. D

    destructo disk freeza disk

    take them out or make it so it isnant 1 hit kill it oisses me off
  9. J

    destructo disc crashing bug

    i had that problem of a fully charged DD crashing the server too. But when i changed the sound of the dd charge i didnt have any prob with the disc. only that it stayed on the edge of the map but i guess everybody has the prob.
  10. DragonDude

    Destructo Pizza?!

    <img src=""> Never edited sprites before, so I guess this'd be my first attempt. I had this idea awhile ago but just thought of trying it myself today. I just make it 'cuz I was bored and needed a laugh, but if anyone actually wants...
  11. -Origin

    Destructo Disc "ball"

    I used a sprite some time ago that turned my Destructo Disc into a ball.......but now I've installed Darksun's Kienzan and it's still a ball.... :cry: It's like Darksun's texture slapped on a ball.......I want my disc back!! Anyone knows how to fix this!?
  12. CS-LAND

    Destructo Disc and Frieza Disc Bugs!

    Maybe you all noticed this. Many times after you throw the destructo disc/frieza disc the sprite will remain somewhere in the air (it will not make damage) and sometimes the sound is also there. I think this happens when you don't hit a player. Can you fix this?
  13. Goten-son

    Destructo disc/freiza disc

    well i hate when noob's get owned and use those stupid discs all the time. so heres what i was thinking, instead of an instant kill how about it takes away 50-75% of ur life and that way you can at least fight back...other wise having it in the game is pretty senseless
  14. DaMan

    Destructo Disk!!!

    When I play with Krillin and start doing a Destrocto Disc the computer crashes completely. I tried in different maps but the same, I did a Frieza Disc with Freeza and Cell but it doesn't crash. The bots can use the Destructo Disc but I can't. Help!! ;(
  15. R

    Destructo Disk

    I saw that there have been other people who have had problems with the destructo disk. Mine freezes my program when I fully charge it. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Do you think it could be solved by changing the video away from direct3d? Any help would be appreciated. -Rage
  16. H

    Krillin's Destructo Disc suggestion

    For an attack he pioneered(Uh I think he did anyway...) it seems kinda odd for his to be so crappy. My suggestion is to allow his disc to have a Mouse2 function that splits it into several discs that go in different directions. There is precedent as I recall he did this sometime against...
  17. catfish

    THink i found a little bug in esf_city

    Ther eis a building in esf_city... it is just near a spawn point that is on top of a medium-height building. The building *NEXT* to the building with the spawn point on top of it, has got like a hole taken out of it. This is not the bug. If you fly above that building with the hole (it's...
  18. U

    Destructo disk / frieza disk

    I think that these moves are too powerful because of its instant kill.... Because i have had pl two or three times powerfully than people that just arrive and i get hit from behind with one of this disks and die.... I suggest that if you have got two or three time more pl level than them you...
  19. D

    someone should make krillins destructo.....

    .....disc not turn and tilt around after it shoots. cuz if u r aiming at some one thats high like above ur head and then u shoot it, it tilts around and it looks stupid. Is it possible to edit it??
  20. KilledWithStyle

    Faster destructo disc

    Desctructo disc doesnt have much besides it just spins. I would reccomned that Krillin's disc goes faster to make up for the void of not being able to be controoled.