1. Deverz

    Walking Dead Game (Massive Spoilers Inside)

    Now that all 5 parts are out let's talk I just finished it and I have to say Amazing story, Great work by Telltale I've never felt so emotionally involved in a game I've never wanted a character to not die as much as Lee. But why was Clem alone at the end. What happened to Omid and...
  2. Deathshot

    The Walking Thread ( Walking Dead Thread thread ) (SPOILERS)

    So... I just started Season 3. I love this ******* series. Rick went from being the Character I didn't care too much for but damn did he become badass! The Bar scene in season 2 made me change my thoughts on him completely.
  3. Mkilbride

    Troops in Iraq want video games to replace dead friends. I don't know, seems so weird...they lost their tragic...and then they ask for this stuff, I don't know what to make of it honestly. It feels almost like a joke. =/
  4. Mkilbride

    Filipino Counter-Strike gambling leaves one man dead over a 7$ bet. Man, this stuff is sooooooo crazzy. I haven't heard about people killing each other over CS in a long time, surprised me.
  5. dbzrogue

    Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
  6. Mkilbride

    Kim-Jong-Il is dead. Steve Jobs, and him in the same year? 2011 is awesome!
  7. Spunky

    Dead Island

    Surprised there isn't a thread yet. The game is pretty fun.
  8. Rail

    Is ESF dead?

    I see updates of models and such, but the latest download I've seen is from 3 years ago and looks pretty crappy compared to the trailers I've seen. Is the project dead? Are their addons and packs for better graphics and etc. that I'm missing? If there really is content that's as good as in the...
  9. elcor

    left for dead 2 or portal 2 ?

    hi guys, I'll buy a game but not which one to buy, need help, I love online games I have both games in previous versions and I was advised I would love to decide. thanks.
  10. DiebytheSword

    Lead singer of Warrant found dead.

    RIP Jani Lane.
  11. It's over One Million!

    Dead alien in Russia?

    Title says it all.
  12. Z Power

    Dead Island! Zombie games are no longer over-rated. :cry:
  13. Spunky

    The Walking Dead

    So it premiered last night, and it was awesome. I can't wait for the next episode. Rick and Glenn desperately running around Atlanta is my favorite part of the comic until later on. This is a truly impressive adaptation of my favorite comic ever.
  14. Spunky

    The Walking Dead "Opening Titles"

    So remember when I posted this thread? Well, I just found this and I'm completely blown away. That's a fan made opening title sequence using pages ripped straight from the comic, and holy ****, it's orgasmic. I doubt it'll be used in the show, but that would be awesome. I definitely wouldn't...
  15. Synth

    Ted "Series of Tubes!" Stevens is dead at 78,0,7987348.story R.I.P.
  16. Damaera

    Highschool of the Dead [Anime]

    Anyone watching this new series? It just came out on the 5th of July, and so far it's pretty ****in ballin. The anime only has 13 episodes unfortunately, but I'm sure that's only because the manga currently has 26 chapters. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it son! Also, limit the talk...
  17. M

    "The Passing" - Left 4 Dead 2 DLC

    Source: Source:
  18. G

    The Beatles are dead and this is the nail on the coffin

  19. Damaera

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Really? No thread about this yet? Guess I'll start the discussion. ;p So this game comes out on the 17th of November.. who's getting it?
  20. J-Dude

    Left 4 Dead Multiplayer/Versus Advice?

    I'm at least a casual gamer, I have some favorite games but really haven't played as many as I'd like, but Valve games occupy nearly every facet of my understanding of what "good games" really are and should be. I love Left 4 Dead and think it truly deserved it's game of the year status, and...