1. RavenTrunks

    Loading a long list of cvars in one command?

    Okay, so i have alot of cvars I was messing with, and I want it to load atleast everytime I start the game, or through a console command. Anyone here know how this is done? Throwing all the cvars at the bottom of the server.cfg didnt work for me >.>
  2. Phobius

    Cvars to change Swoop and Dash speeds along with Ki drain.

    All credits go to joe he made this post along time ago I just thought it would be a good idea for the community to know about these cvars. Cvar List charge_turbo_hold_time - Default Value: 0.45 Time that you have to hold onto the turbo button for charged turbo to "kick" on. charge_turbo_time...
  3. =->Goku<-=

    How to use the Commands and CVARS

    Obviously some of the commands have become second nature to most of us. But what I would like to know is: Is there a thread already here on how to use all of these correctly, or a help file, or is someone able to at least give me an idea on how to correctly use them. Of course I could...
  4. B

    List of all the Server-Side Cvars

    Hey. I was wondering if someone could give me a list of all the server-side cvars and a list of what they do. I don't need the rcon cvars but more like the ones that you put in the server.cfg . Thanks.
  5. S

    Few cvars I dont understand

    Im using the server.cfg posted in the sticky above. I am not sure though what these do, obviously something to do with violence settings. I thought though that violence is set client side rather than server side? violence_ablood "1" violence_agibs "1" violence_hblood "1" violence_hgibs "1"
  6. Ravendust

    Cvars for Clientside/FPV - Eyecandy/Auras

    Don't get put off by the thread name, i'm not going to even try to be technical. I've noticed how people have been saying about certain moves (Galick Gun, i'm looking at you) are impossible to aim with because of the massive vision obscurity you get from the charging aura. So what i'm...
  7. -=SSJ 4 Goku=-

    Cvars List

    Can somone please psot me a link or post a full 100% list of all the commands for esf here as i cant find it thank you :D
  8. D

    Advanced melee cvars

    Hi everybody and happy new year, I'm currently trying to find the meaning of the am_ cvars for ESF. As far as i searched, i did not find any fully documented listing. Maybe this thread will become one : that's what i hope. I'm just a server admin, not a player, so the meanings of those cvars...
  9. Ness

    Melee cvars

    what are the cvars to change the max amount of hits simple melee can connect with in the air? Ie, so you can hit them more than twice in the air?
  10. S

    Ideas for 1.3 Please read.Has Ideas for spirit bomb and cvars.

    I think there should be a cvar for pl. Like mp_startingpl 1,000,000. I would really hope that u guys put this in 1.3, because it would make the game more challenging and fun. Another Idea is absorbing spiritbomb. If you seen the movie super android 13, then u know what im talking...
  11. K

    Changed cvars?

    plz help me I've joined a server and there was a text like this: configuring everyone's CVars for better performance... CVars set now if someone talks the text is green is it ok or can you tell me how to reset it? thx for help
  12. Brolly USSJ1

    Creating a Steam server? Read this for cvars.

    Here are the steps to making, naming, and setting the max players on a server in steam! 1. Click Create Server 2. In the console type sv_lan 0 3. In the console type hostname "name of server here" 4. In the console type maxplayers "number of players here" 5. In the console type sv_password...
  13. K


    ok i dont know much at all about codeing and stuff but i was wondering are the cvars part of the code or is that the code? I thought it it the code bacause when you change one of the variables ( i think you call them) or numbers it changes something in game so i thought maybe that was the code.
  14. Culex

    Few CVARs

    1: A cvar to limit how high power level can go. I dunno why I thought of this, but this would prevent beams getting too strong something. It would look like "mp_basepower [NUM]" Setting it to 0 would just disable it. Any other number would be the max it could get to. 2: A cvar to prevent...
  15. Punio4


    what is cvars? everyone is talking about it.
  16. S

    Help with Zoom Cvars

    How do u zoom out so the player is smaller and other things. I dont know the Cam Control Variable.
  17. D

    Cvars splitting the community up?

    I'm not going to claim that the ESF community is one, big, strong happy family, but now that I hear that most people will be getting a whole bunch of cvars for ESF to change gameplay, i'm a little dismayed. Sure, we have the cvar to increase and decrease 1.2 melee speed. I wouldn't agree...
  18. K

    Question about cvars

    uh i got a question after i put the cvars in the auto.exe file or watever its called and after i save the file do i have to put somethin in the console or somethin to activate the cvars or do they activate themselves as soon as i start a game?
  19. M


    14 Who knows the Cvars for ESF? PLZ HELP ME!!!
  20. A

    New 1.1 Cvars...

    i know this sounds kinda nubish of me but.. what are the new cvars for 1.1??? if anything this could be stickied cause i was searching around and didnt find em...maybe i shoulda searched better...