1. Cenie

    New Sig! Please Critz!!!!!

    I've decided its time for a new sig maybe? please give bucket loads of critz and pointers it could..will help my grades!please! :devgrin:
  2. Z

    Hi the n00b is back with a tien Model..! give critz

    i have deleted the SSJ3 model!! of goku and started to model Tiensinhan!! give critz!!:] i thing it is going great but what do you guys thing..!
  3. Z

    My n00b ssj3Goku..! give critz!

    here is my n00bie model.. its made poly b poly.. and the sucks ass.. but if somone will help me finish it i will be glad..! And the hair suks i can make it model made of: Zarp
  4. R

    My sig - Critz plz

    Alright.. took me bout 2 seconds... does the color suit it.. do i need a border? what should i add or take away..
  5. R

    New Sig AGAIN! - CRITZ PLZ!

    Alright, here's my new sig what do you think?
  6. R

    NEWERS sig - Critz! (I dont think this is over the line..)

    Alright... well my other one was denied because the women were to revealing ;/ :S :S ;/ So heres my new one, surely this one is okay? What do you think of it?
  7. R

    New sig - CRITZ!!

    Well.. it's the one i have on now, what do you think?
  8. S

    Some models posing, critz pls

    Credits: iso6, Jaeger, Xanieth, m1st3r-X, DoD team, NS team, me Pls comments on the model's poses.
  9. Zorb

    I drew a Dragon, critz plz

    :laff: critz plz!
  10. I

    another n00by sig by me, critz plz

    another n00by sig by me, critz plz and a calmer, less nicer one: crit plz
  11. R

    My new sigs - for warcraft clan CRITZ?

    Here is the first one.... Here is the second one....
  12. |Da|K|

    New pieces critz plz....

    hey guyz gots a few new piece i want yall ta peep.... cirtz comments are appericated..... 1.RL=]FALLEN_ANGELS[/URL] 2.RL=]Gods_GATEWAY[/URL]...
  13. Sliq

    Critz Please

    Just started to make sigs so tell me what you think of these 2 Sigs:
  14. |Da|K|

    new siggy critz plz!!!

    hey my new sig guyz its gundam wing....witch u proly all kno... :D haha Critz plz :-p
  15. B

    new sig critz please

    My latest sig
  16. R


    Hey guys. I was just curious to see what you guys thought of the movie if you've seen it. I'll start off. I read the books 5 years ago, and since I heard they were making the trilogy I wanted to piss my pants. I waited so long for 'Fellowship' to come out - when it did I wasn't...
  17. I

    Critz Please!!!!

    Well I've had no luck gettin any critz at all my last 2 posts. :S Maybe this one will get some. Please gimme critz. :cry:
  18. D

    my first sig, critz plz!!!

    Hey everybody what do you think of my first ever sig? also what character should my next one use? Constructive critz only please!!!! :laff:
  19. I

    Critz Plz...

    My 1st and 2nd Photoshop/Fireworks sig. Critz plz! Some tips would be cool too. ============================================ Also here is an older one I redid (I got alot of complaints about the old background it had)
  20. I

    Need Critz!!!

    Well I'm steeping into a new anime area and you will also notice i have shrunk my normal size from 500x100 to 400x100 (woo big change lol) please tell me which you think is better or what would look better or both. I need to know what I should do! Critz please...