1. DBZFever

    MY SSJ2 Gohan model!

    Im making a ssj2 gohan model, from this and i have made this Can someoen help me find a back picture and a side picture??
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    sig crit plz

    what ya think? if u wait long enough it will blink. it was a pain finding an eyelid that even remotely matched the eye
  3. Demi-Shadow

    My second wallpaper!

    Again, this is a BASIS for a wallpaper, meaning images + text will be added later.. Click here to see it. Compliments/Comments/Criticisms.
  4. S

    at last i got another lazy friend to scan my drawing....

    here u go. no ref pic. only my mind ok, there.... what do u think? btw....its out of propotions cause i wanted to make it so...not cause its a mistake
  5. KilledWithStyle

    Krillin Models

    Anyone have a really great krillin model. (anyone will do as long as its great)
  6. K

    update, vegeta-goku sig, crit plz

    hey yo yo yo update, i did what ya said, tried to make it smaller. i'm not sure about the font though
  7. A

    my models are the best

    hey check out my pics let me know wut u think maybe ill let peeps download them judgeing on how everyone likes them:D:devgrin:
  8. God Gundam

    frieza wip

    well hows he comin along guys, i know hes in a pod yes, but in ghp he will use his pod thingy, thanks to an idea from kama, we decided to use it like this
  9. K

    hows this sig? >crit plz

    hmm hmm?
  10. K

    my firsy sig !

    hi all, this is my first sig i EVER made, so i'd like some crit on it, and some help!
  11. Vegito1180

    New Sigy

    What do u guys think of my new sig?critz
  12. Darkshadow

    RE:Goku jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey bloodyscruf youre goku jr is good but can you make it ssj plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz because it looks kind off weird first i am a litte guy then if i go ssj i see a tall guy;/ (and to the esfguys i know this supposed to be in the request thread but that thread of goku jr...
  13. G

    Great model ratings!

    This thread is to judge your models. In this thread you can judge their model all you want. This is not a thread to not hurt feelings. So honestly judge their work, to the smallest detail. Post your models here to see how people honestly think of your work.
  14. K

    Sig critz

    my matrix themed one (i tryed usin green but it sucked. But i got the idea from the matrix when all the text was flying in)
  15. K

    Sig critz

    Just experimenting. What u guyz think? BTW, what is the code for having a border around it (1 pixel, white border)
  16. Vegito1180

    Sigy Crits

    What do u think of my new sig?
  17. Mistery X

    Trunks Models For Saiyan Crusades, Me So crazy

    made a **** load of trunks.. PLease coment and crit on the models.. there not to DBZ anatomy.. I've made alterations and took some artistic licence with the models I creat.. ANY waY! crit.. but be aware what I must do for one of the models I will have to do for each one! Trunks 1...
  18. S

    here is my FINISHED vegeta. READ BEFORE U CRIT!!!!!!!!!!

    well, this is my finished vegeta. before u crit my drawing PLS READ THIS FIRST!!! ok, as u know i posted a goku a few weeks ago that i made during math class and it took me about 5 minutes. so u said it sucked. true, it did. a few days ago i posted another goku which u said was gr8 but...
  19. -Dark Shadow-

    new sig!

    i made a new sig with arcsoft Photostudio its brillient look my best sig ever! oh and can something tell me if it is just a little X or the actual sig please :)
  20. Messiah Daz

    New Sig Crits

    Well what do you guys think of my new sig? Comments please