1. Vegito1180

    Sig Critz

    What Do You Think Of My New Sig?
  2. SandMan

    give me your critz

    I made a new Sig this morning, tell me what you think dont be too harsh :P
  3. Synth

    Saiyan Armor Trunks Skin

    Anyone know where I can get the skin for Trunks?
  4. Deverz

    Digi-Gohan's new sig

    Comment and Crit's on it (He made it himself, I just posted this due to his other thread being dragged way off-topic) And DO NOT drag this to about his past on these forums involving his artwork.
  5. Ryoko

    Sig (crit me!)

    Yeah there they be. First sig since thread shut down! Crit me!
  6. greentaco

    Just some art stuff...

    Just thought I'd post some of my most recent work up: Some crit would be cool. Noah GreenTaco
  7. greentaco

    A little bit 'o art...

    Here are some images I made a while ago when I was bored. Crit or anything would be cool. Prospecting Future: Stand Out: -Peace- Noah