1. Kaination

    13 Year old buys hookers with dad's credit card

  2. Skyrider

    Changes, New Arcade & Credit System.

    Hey guys, I've made some small changes on the forums so all the user information that you see when someone posts has been changed a bit so it is much much cleaner. I don't know about you guys, but I think it is ugly to fill the post profiles with stuff. I also disable the EXP plugin/addon...
  3. Barney's_Soul

    Online Shopping without credit card.

    Is there a free, secure way to do online shopping without needing a credit card(not mail), like could I somehow use my bank account or debit card to do it?
  4. Raeku

    Credit card for steam/only HL?

    I just have a quick question. I just got ADSL on my gaming pc and im going to play online soon. The only problem might be if I need to use a credit card online. My mom is extremly paranoid o_o about using her card online. Do I need a credit card to buy steam or only for buying the game (HL)...
  5. T

    SsJ 4 GoHaN 1.1

    SsJ 4 GoHaN 1.1 ready to release! credits on. well here it is at last just need someone to host it............... enjoy............. :devsmile:
  6. S

    well.. here is my new skin^_^

    well am a n00b at skinning :p but credit to Nuttzy for the model and thats it lol heres a pic of my newest skin crits are welcome but plz go easy on me because i am a n00b at skinning laterz. (also this is a wip so crits are welcome^_^)
  7. Element4q2

    Bardock Finished

    Ok heres my "finished" Bardock model. Basically finished just have to add the scar to his cheek. Probably not the best picture but the new image host im using limits filesize. Credit to ESF Team for Vegeta body and SMo for the original face.
  8. M

    Ninja trunks

    hi, i made this (re)skin (i dunno if i should call it a new skin) of trunks, credit goes to the maker of the esf/katana trunks here is the link to the pic, dont pay any attention to the other pics, i made this site in 5 minutes with...
  9. I

    bd cell saga gohan

    here's a choppy bd gohan model i made a while back... not really good because its one of my beginning edits... heh check it out stupid isnt it :D
  10. I


    here's my goten skin so far... credits to: bid for power for making the model :) more updates to come :cool:
  11. S

    action pack

    action pack (beginners may want this) i got really bored so i decided to make and action pack for photoshop 7 that had a bunch of fx and stuff in it, i'm gonna update it every o so often and if anybody has a tutorial or effect that they would like to submit for the pack either post it or pm it...
  12. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  13. B

    EVM model Updates

  14. Hawki_ice

    Dragon Ball NG models! (need skinner)

    Ok if u havent read NG go here ( There will be a SSJ3 teck! if u want 2 skin these please send me a pm with a pic of some of YOUR work or post a pic of one of your skins here! NOTE: i have given credit two SMO and AZN! credit also goes 2 Ultra33gokussj3! IF...
  15. S

    Namek Vegeta WIP

    HI i have been working on my first skin edit and i have been working for about 30 mins and it is till a WIP because i think the skin map is messed with one of the straps but enough talk heres the credit :yes: Credit ESF Team for the Vegeta model/skin map Me for the reskin/edit...
  16. G

    can someone give me sites to download models?

    sites like GSF by the way what is the adrres for the site GSF?
  17. Damaera

    Vegeta Edit

    I made a new edit. I think It's chibi and brown or pink hair (Color is screwed up sorry)Credit to Turk for the regular Vegeta model, I'm not releasing it to ANYONE untill I get permission.....
  18. Damaera

    -How to Edit Model's IN HLMV (Like hair and clothes or aura)-

    Well! First of all Sopose I had a Gouk model I'm editing. First I Export the hair, body,etc..... Then you colour in the Clothes or Hair in Bmp. Import it. And It's uploaded. Now all you have to do is Save model.... Then if you want to see the edit, Just open the goku.mdl And go to the first tab...
  19. G

    Buu Saga Vegeta Pack!!! SAAAN!!!

    Ladies and Gentlement I present to you !! BUU SAGA VEGETA PACK!! *Happiness Song PLays* The moment you been waiting for here it is!!! THE CREDITS! : -Vegeta- Model: Turk Skin: Mastasurf -SSJ Vegeta- Model: Turk Azn Vegeta Head Skin and Raven for Body Skin Credits to : Th3...
  20. |Da|K|

    New Colab

    i did a colab with ma man riddler i did everything but 3d.. :-\ critz&commnets plz