1. Syed Noman

    hi i help me with esforces on Steam

    when i choose internet games in esforces and and find servers it takes 2 minuts to connect with valve server after connecting there is no server and also when i click on creat server game crashes and gives error. . and also please give me steam esforces server ids
  2. D

    ESF crashes at start-up / Vista / DEP

    Hey guys, long time player, but I come back intermittently. First time I've played since I got Vista 64-bit home premium.. I load up Half Life, change my game to Esf Open Beta Final, and within 10 seconds it closes. Doesn't matter if I try to actually start or host a game, it closes. I've...
  3. D

    My esf crashes as soon as i start to play

    Idk what to do i unistalled all of it and reinstalled all the esf stuff then i start up the game create my game then when i have the choice of good or evil i pick one and it crashes saying Hunk alloc: failed on 65433 gygabites or w/e any suggestions? And on Open beta how do i make the graphics...

    my ESF crashes after 30

    HELP my ESF crashes after 30 min ;(;(;(;(;(;( :warning: and with 3 or 4 bots it crashes after 5 min or leas so please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. H

    ESF crashes my computer

    when ever i create a bot it crashes is this happening to everyone or is it just me
  6. H

    Server crashes

    Im new to yall just got to say great game you made. Any way I have a server up and running great but it does not last long. all the sudden it just crashes with the faital error steam and windows xp any help would be great dont know what you need to know so just ask
  7. Nuttzy

    garrys mod crashes, (could be other games)

    k well v9 crashed every now and then when minimizing it, but save for that so long as i kept it in the front i could host a game for hours, v10 however is a whole new monster. me and my cousin both bought new computers, they are from different manufacturers BUT we both still have the same...
  8. V

    Problem with ESF 1.2.3 crashes.

    I have a recurring problem for ESF 1.2.3. I have not played online yet. However, I create LAN games to sort of "sandbox" with the characters. I found that every now and then when I use a generic beam, special beam, or ki blobs on a bot the game crashes. No warning pops up, it doesn't close to...
  9. L

    Constant windows explorer crashes.

    Every time I close a window, the windows explorer error comes up and restarts explorer.exe. I had recently fell victim to a "3wMedia player" or something like that, which was linked from a false movie torrent. ISOHunt for the loss, #1 seeded can no longer be trusted. ****ing Beowulf. I've...
  10. Optimus Prime

    What happens when Opti crashes his ****?

    URL'd due to image size. Simple! He buys a new one 2007 Mazda 3 GT. Mine is identical down to the rims and everything, I need a car wish, but then I'll take pics of mine to satisfy the inevitable "pics or bs." Oh yah, for those curious as to how the accident happened, well I was on a...
  11. A

    Super Saiyan Four crashes server

    Hey, it's me again with another relay request. I was wondering if anyone could help with an issue of Super Saiyan Four (both Goku and Vegeta) crashing a server. The models, sprites, and sounds work, the problem lies with the plugin. Neither I nor the owner of the server know why it's...
  12. Tassadarmaster

    My game crashes

    My game crashes while I was in the middle of the game using Goku in the map esf_city. For what reason, I don't know what made it crash, the game crashes the moment I tried to fire a kamehameha beam but I got the following error msg: This issue doesn't occur often, but once in a while. Oh...
  13. dan_esf_fanatic

    A few tips when ESF crashes and can't load again.

    It's now a couple of times that I've had trouble with ESF crashing upon entering. I know of one reason for this happening. When OpenGL isn't supported, and is the default video mode in the game, ESF can't load, and neither can Half-Life. I've just recently experienced this, and believe me it...
  14. dan_esf_fanatic

    Half-Life crashes to the desktop when I launch it.

    I got a problem. When I run Half-Life, it starts up, but after a few seconds it crashes and returns to the desktop. I'm using Steam, I have a legal cd key of Half-Life, and I have reinstalled Steam twice already. Does anyone know what to do?:cry:
  15. Delusional

    Random Crashes and Disconnections?

    Well i recently started playing again (weee i love it) and everytime i join i server after about 30 mins i either crash...or disconnect...I have no clue whats going on but it's pretty annoying (resetting score/PL or even full server i was just in) *EDIT** All my drivers are updates No error...
  16. C

    Linux Server crashes sometimes help.

    my linux server crashes sometimes i use Metamod 1.18 , AMX mod X 1.50 , EVM and esf_powerlevel_changer. and ig GOT GLIBC 2.3 some times the server crashes and in the console i can read: ./hlds_run: line 424: 23606 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD what means that? how to fix that? please...
  17. RoshkoMasta

    serious problem concerning esf's playablility-cant play due to crashes on explosions!

    #1 thats right whenever theres an explosion esf freezes and then the last 2 seconds of sound goes through a loop lasts bout 5-4 times then esf crash explosion => as in beams hit anything, ki blobs if in a server ppl only meeleeing thats fine I wont crash but I cant controll all...
  18. Eider

    Weird crashes

    Heya peepz It's been a while since i've been here because i quit playing esf for more than a year now.. Information on computer: AMD64 3500+ , X850XT, MSI K8N Neo4, 2x512MB DDR400 Corsair => no temp problems I installed steam, halflife + ESF (nothing modified - everything 100% up to...
  19. H

    Server Crashes

    hello, can someone help me. everytime i start a listen server it crashes about 2 mins into the game. can someone tell me how to prevent this from happening cuz before the when i first got it it was gppd. m servers wpuld not crash. please help me thx HMN
  20. sk8ash

    Game Crashes

    Hi im not really a noob but I need help with the game. About 15 minutes into gameplay the game just freezes and i have to restart my comp, could someone please tell me why this happens and how to fix it please. Thanx