1. T

    counter strike probs

    Hi, sometimes when i try to connect to a server this happens: it loads, then i come in the game and the only thing i can do is watch and walk around. I never get to chose wich side i want to be on or something. I think its on spectate mode, what do i do then?
  2. A

    piccolo with cape

    i am really looking for a model of piccolo with cape, i know this is a subject that is on the order several times, but i can't find the piccolo i am looking for on this forum. But you people say that there are 2 so, please help me
  3. K


    OK guys, here's my beta version of my new space map. It's a big arena, but this time you would be wise to stay within the blue sphere. Otherwise you're out in space suffocating... Image page DOWNLOAD it in .rar And if you still need it: Get WinRAR
  4. C

    makeing a Shortcut with Counter STrike retail

    Hey i got CS retail (i don't have HL) so how do i make a shortcut to my desktop with CS??? Thnx alot!!! BTW this would also help cuase i dunno how to in The specialist game either! ;/
  5. M

    Help me plz

    i want to make a model but i cant figure out how milkshape works can someone plz tell me how to start and maybe help me with the full model
  6. S

    everyone should try this :yes:

    I came up with an idea last week , lets use cs/hl maps in esf then i tried cs_rats2 because it has great open space ! the only thing you have to do is place the needed .wad files in your ESF folder ! these maps r great fun because they have open space rats (any version)...
  7. S

    Post counter

    Hehe, I'll always be a ESF n00b, since my post count won't go higher than one. At leat untill now, this is going to be my 4th post. The other 3 were 1 together I guess, someone able to fix it?
  8. I

    earths counter forces

    did any of the admins or testers try esf in cs retail? i dont want to be a tester too.......
  9. P

    Counter ESF

    Seems in esf chat they were talking about puting esf models on CS or something, so here it is
  10. I

    New animation..better?

    hey here new animation i made it with biped and after that put it on the model.. which i better don't do again cus then it kinda looks **** after all... but the animation it self ain't bad:)
  11. E

    Melee counter

    Well I know they are adding advanced blocking, but I've heard its for grabbing on to attacks and "blockstruggling" them. I assume that blocking is the same old do less damage when its applied to melee usage, so I'll just assume that and say my idea. I think a good melee counter block would be...
  12. W

    What does Cf counter do in beta

    What does that Cf counter do in the beta version
  13. S

    Counter Strike Bots

    Could somebody please tell me where i could find some counter strike bots.
  14. S

    models in maps?

    so i wanna know why is the model (a playermodel) so small when i put it into the map with the env_model enity an how can i correct this. thx Snake
  15. K

    Stats Counter

    "argh! i hate it when i am Forced to Take these Discraseful Beans!" I was just wondering, In the effought to prevent Bean Camping, and ppl not dieing, To have some alone the lines of "Discrace Bar" Of course i've got ahead of my self, check this :notice: Have Stats that are avablible...
  16. SSj Gotenks

    Other half life/ Counter strike Mods For DBZ????

    Hey I was wondering if their were any other DBZ mods for the Half-Life engine ( excluding DMZ) If their are can you hook me up with the site addresses
  17. B

    skin and model (son gohan and son gohan great sayanman))

    Sorry, i don´t difference betwen skin and model. said this i can say i have made the skins and the models of::: *vegeta gt, supervegeta gt, and vegeta ssj4 *trunk gt...
  18. L

    Better or Worse

    I decided to work on a new sig. i had come across some very very very high quality images from counter strike so i decided to make a simple blended sig with 2 images and lighting. Is it better then my old vash one or should i keep this new one?
  19. B

    Trunk Dragon ball Gt

    this is a skin of trunk dragon ball gt if you want contact to me send me a e mail [email protected]
  20. S

    Buu model

    how can send me a trunks model or the buu model i can`t find them. [email protected] plz