1. T

    Why do you need Counter Strike or half life?

    What does that have to do with a DBZ game? is there a way to crack it?
  2. R

    ESF - Counter Strike

    Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? No Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? No What game are you trying to install ESF into? Counter Strike Are you behind a router or firewall? Router Are all your drivers updated? Yes What in-game video mode are you...
  3. D

    does it work with other counter strike and half life games also???

    hi i been reading the messages and seen the screens of DBZ ESF and it looks good so i wanna play it ,ive seen i need a half life game or counter strike . the problem is i can buy half life 1 anymore atleast i dont find a shop who haves does it work with half life 2 or with other counter...
  4. C

    I can't find Half Life or Counter Strike in stores, now what?

    I saw this mod in a post in the lemmingball Z forum and checked it out :shocked: and I was very impressed. I downloaded the mod but now I need to get a copy of half life, I looked in stores all around and all I find is the counterstrike anthology wich doesn't work and counter strike condition...
  5. J

    Counter and ESF

    Hi, I just installed ESF in my counter strike ( have no half-life ) but how I start the game, when I look in the steam map ( where my counter strike map is ) I see the ESF so what am I doing wrong? :cry:
  6. 1

    Counter Strike: Condition Zero?

    Well, This came with the original counter strike, but for some reason, ESF won't install. Need some help....
  7. S

    Where to download halflife 2 or counter strice?

    Where to download halflife 2 or counter strice?
  8. S

    setting up a counter strike server

    I have download the dedicated sever program from file plant and running it from my pc I copied the short cut and append the target line the "Target" field which lists the target path leading back to the hlds.exe. With commands, "C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer\hlds.exe" -game cstrike -port...
  9. M

    How to Install ESF to Counter Strike !

    Okay i Brought CZ ( condition Zero ) but i can download CS ( counter Strike ) and use my CS-key i can play online but how to install it to CS ?
  10. Gogeta91

    Counter Strike Bot

    HI im looking for a link to CS bot tha works with steam (optimus: if think that connection was bad i once thought that someone who worked for microsoft knew how to fix my Gamecube) :P
  11. B

    adv melee counter attack

    If u enter adv melee and the opponent start banging arrows on you and you hit all the arrows you should do a counter attack, the counter attack can be blocked by the opponent but hard cause it's 1 punch or kick and the opponent will see a random arrow (u know 4-sided direction), after the...
  12. DracoHeart

    *New Idea* Counter Beam warfare!

    I notice that in ESF, having a beam warfare is something very rare. So I came up with a few ideas. But before the Counter Beam Warfare idea can be used, this few ideas have to be enabled before the Beam Warfare idea will work. Requirements: 1) Whenever your beam touches your opponent, it...
  13. JDeezNutz

    Counter Strike: Source Stress Test!

    Hey, i finally got my new graphics card (Sapphire Radeon X800 XT 256MB) the maxium FPS i have got on the counterstrike source stress test is 117 FPS< my friend has the exact same card and he gets 140 FPS? do you know what coule he be doing thati am doing wrong? is it because i have the...
  14. H

    i do not have half life 2 but steam with counter and half life one how do i install??

    i d like to know how to install esf i have steam but not half life 2 i try to download the first esf 1.0 or 1.1 for lan purpose only but i get only corrupt files please help me out :( i tryed a lot of files all say corrupted can i make the lastest esf work if i do not have half life 2...
  15. M

    Does Esf work with counter strike and condition zero

    i don't know if esf can run on counter strike or condition zero.
  16. G

    Counter Strike Clan

    hey if you play counter strike and you are new and you are looking for a clan....go to "Opti plays Price is Right Music" Bum bum ba bum WAAAAAAAH! :laff:
  17. G

    counter strike source?

    hi,i just wanted 2 no were can i get cs source,can i buy it at the store or wut, does it come in hafe life 2 with dod source or wut?
  18. Kaination

    how do i counter throw?

    how do i counter a throw attack... hence the name how do i counter throw. i can never figure out... someone grabs me and starts twirling me and i have no choice but to surrender someone please help me im going insane :p
  19. imkongkong

    Counter Strike Customizing

    does anybody know how to change the names of the players? for instance, when you choose either terrorist or counter terrorist, on the left side has names of the people. for instance terrorists has phoenix connection, artic, l337 player, etc. How can you change the name phoenix connection and...
  20. shadowsaiyan17

    Counter strike

    Will 1.2 still work with counterstrike?