1. K

    Can i Play The ESF 1.3 With Counter Strike Source ?

    Thats my question, i know ESF its a Half Life Mod, but i just have Counter Strike Source at my steam account. I wanna know if can i play the ESF Beta 1.3 with Counter Strike Source ... And if that version (1.3) already can be played online.. Im Brazilian, so, may that text can have...
  2. E

    Counter Strike Global Offensive - Are you going to buy ?.

    Well , Valve annoucement about the new game of CS Series that called "Counter Strike Global Offensive", The game will be based on the Source Engine like CSS , But , They (Valve) said that they took couple high skilled players and good beta testers to make the game perfect. like improve hitboxes...
  3. T

    Moving Mouths when talking (like in counter strike)

    Is it a possibility to have those moving lips like in Counter Strike, when some one uses Voice chat? Just a suggestion after all ;)
  4. Otpidarp

    Silly situation, Please Help Me!

    Guys, its my bad luck that I forgot my Steam password. I made a new account and I wanted a new Half-Life CD from the shop. Unfortunateley, there wasn't any Half-Life CD left, but I did see a Counter-Strike CD. So, I just want to ask that will I be able to run ESF's final version using...
  5. TourPallanen

    HTML for MOTD???

    Hi there you know how in Counter-strike you can have a website as the MOTD? I was wondering if you can do the same with ESF? any help would be appreciated thanks :)
  6. Mous4u

    Counter Attacks

    this makes gameplay look good lol ok here is the idea when you start doing melee your opponent starts punching and you got to dodge once you dodge the last one you jump up 1metre high and then just punch him in the head thats kinda makes gameplay look good
  7. S

    ESF works with counter strike 1.6?

    Can i install ESF with counter strike 1.6 or is it ONLY hl1 that works with it?
  8. elcor

    Counter Strike Online.New game?

    Counter Strike Online today i saw this video in youtube. any can tell me if this is true and if its come to steam game? what do you think guys? edit:more about it Counter-Strike Online is a remake of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero targeted at the Asian...
  9. Viper

    Flag Counter

    This is rather nice
  10. VideoJinx

    Add a counter to esf 1.3

    Just a suggestion .. Why not allow a player to aim how he deflects a is how it could work. Hold block, then double tap and hold the Backwards Direction this is when a block meter appears, and begins to fill rapidly. If you deflect a beam with more then half of a full Meter...
  11. MinioN

    My Counter Strike 1.6 server

    Anyone who wanna join visit for IP becouse i am chaning it every day. I wanted to ask how the **** can i make website that will be "connected" with my server?So instead of typing in the IP the people can join with typing my website address. EDIT: OMG SORRY.**** i dont...
  12. B


    plss give me a installer of ESF for my counter strike:half life:cry:
  13. H

    Counter Strike???

    can you play esf if you have counter strike if so what counter strike must you have
  14. LionHeart

    What makes counter strike so famous/adictive ?

    I've got like 100 answers but each can be proven wrong I belive, what do you think?
  15. U

    server for counter life

    can someone set a server for those non common mod like counter life and cold blood(resident evil mod in hl)....that would be awesome to play these game with people.(tire and sick those multplyplayer game only fighting eachother....)
  16. D

    When i launch esf, counter strike launch's INSTEAD

    When i open esf counter s:notice: trike automatical opens, why ?:confused:
  17. veqeta

    UM,Something bad has happened and i cant play esf or counter strike or access steam!!

    it's true last night i was downloading some models for esf and i turned off my computer like i do when i went to bed, i woke up today and i can't go onto steam or open up esf or counter strike and when i try to go into steam it says one steam is already open but it's not in the tool bar next to...
  18. DustMan2704

    how to counter a throw?

    i just rented def jam fight for ny and im kinda frustated, i lost like a 1000 times against Ice-T,now i s my question how to effectively counter his throws?my fighting style is thai-boxing. well its a more or less useless question,but i hope someone nice will give me help anyway. after my...
  19. Theoboy

    The forum post counter?

    Why is iut that my post counter doesn't count the posts I have postet today? Yesterday I checked I had 333 post and today after I had written 3 posts it stayed on 333 posts.
  20. kingassasin

    can i play this game using counter strike source??

    hey im new and i looked at this game and it looks AWESOME!!!! i really want to play it i have steam and i have counter strike source so i was wondering if that would work thanks ^_^;D
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