1. D

    Gaming Laptop

    I need one. I move around too much to build another desktop so I have no other choice. I haven't kept up with computer specs over the last two years so I'm out of the loop. I've been looking at Sager's NP9850 and 9280, as well as Alienware's M17x. I have $3k to play around with, though I'm...
  2. J-Dude

    BIOS Concerns

    Alright, so my new computer is structurally almost done. Finally got my RAM, plugged in all 8gb's. Hard drive is in place, front panel wiring is go. All data is backed-up on my MyBook. Windows 7 Disc ready. Just need to get some thermal paste, snap on the heatsink, turn off the machine I'm using...
  3. grOOvy

    Apple iPad Anyone going to get one of these? I'm thinking about getting the low-end one for my Mum as a computer to use around the house. She currently uses a thinkpad from work, so this might be a more exciting and simple way to browse the web and check email.
  4. K​.part1​.rar

    I cant play Esf 1.3. when i go in the game it just closes i tried it 20 times i restarted my computer and still it doesent work ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:54 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:42 AM at ---------- I have CS 1.6 and Half-Life, but when i start up...
  5. Mkilbride

    Fastest CPU Frequency achieved - 8.2GHZ May be an old chip, but impressive.
  6. Optional

    Building Computer for Friend

    Comments on the build? Case: NZXT Tempest or Antec 1200, not sure yet ~$160 CPU: i5-750, will be OC'd $200 Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-P55-UD4P LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard $170 RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Dual Channel Kit - $90...
  7. JTM

    Strange Bug/Glitch/****ty Computer

    I just finagled my computer by accident into having better FPS. Instead of a steady 20-30 frames, I get a good 50-60. That's not my problem, though. I can't say exactly if it was since the change or before, but my FPS take an instant drop to less than 1 frame per second. It's as if the game...
  8. S

    Your first computer?

    Hi friends, Please share which computer you used for the very first time... Mine was compaq presario 2230... the black one...
  9. Kaination

    Computer not shutting down after skins

    Well, I'm sure you guys are familiar with windowblinds. If not, it's a customizable UI. It makes your **** look pretty. So, after installing it, I installed Windowblinds, Iconpackager, and CursorFX, and now I can't shut down my PC. Do you think one of these had a virus or it's just bugging...
  10. Optional

    Building new computer

    I'm going to buy a new computer in the $1500-2000 range from scratch. I'm currently looking at the following set up: Case: Antec Twelve Hundred Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail Master HD:Western Digital Raptor WD740ADFD 74GB 10000 RPM SATA 1.5Gb/s Hard Drive Slave...
  11. wheres_

    New Computer finished.

    Specs: MOBO: Gigabyte x48-DQ6 RAM: Corsair Dominator 2x 2GB @1066 HDD: 500GB CPU: Intel 2.83 Quadcore Q9550 w/ Custom Zalman 9700LED Heatsink PSU: Corsair 620w GFX: Radeon HD4870 1GB CASE: antec 900 Built it myself- I know it's not the best machine around but still keeps me pretty...
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Computer not detecting internet connection, Red light ethernet port

    edit fixed Yeah about 2 nights ago my internet stopped working on my computer, I assumed it was my internet failing so i went in the other room, unplugged the cable for about 15 seconds, reset it. It worked fine for the rest of the night. Came home last night, turned on the computer, get...
  13. donnierisk

    2 computer issues

    Every now and again for some unkown reason, everything on my screen starts to blur, the whole image, i've noticed this for quite some time now, but it doesn't always happen. Now when I switched on my computer after a week, it was horrible, much worse than before, I can hardly read text, like...
  14. Killface

    Is my computer finally dying?

    As of lately... whenever i power on my computer, it takes around 45 minutes to boot up (thats not an exadderation... its seriously 45 minutes). It just sits at the windows loading screen and "loads" for an abnormally long time. The actual Operating System runs fine, its quick with loading...
  15. H

    ESF crashes my computer

    when ever i create a bot it crashes is this happening to everyone or is it just me
  16. donnierisk

    my computer doesn't pick up my cd and dvd drives

    hi there all, well for some time now, my computer doesn't seem to pick up that I have a dvd and cd drive connected to it, it hasn't always been this way, but I think after I formatted a while ago this happened. When I go to my computer and look at where the drives are supposed to be I can't...
  17. ZeroNightmare

    Help with computer sound output?

    Ok on my sisters computer all the sound is like an octave up, its like the pitch is shifted way up. Shes on vista. I have no idea how to fix this, or where to find an EQ menu or something. help anyone?
  18. Kaination

    Getting a new computer, is this any good? Also recommend me a good monitor.

    im gonna get this computer, I have a pretty good knowledge about computers, just not fully 100% understand. It's a massive upgrade from my current AGP computer piece of ****. This to me looks like an awesome deal...
  19. The Deco

    What do you think about this computer system?

    This is something I built and I wanna check if its good. It worths 4012 NIS including building of the computer. The currency here is NIS so 3.5 NIS = 1 US Dollar So in US dollars this system worths 1146 US Dollars. I want you guys to say your opinion and if its possible you can give me tips...
  20. The Deco

    Im not checking for a new computer but..

    I want to see the price range. So my question is for our professionals of that topic here and everyone else: So what is the best computer (By your opinion at least) you can get for me with a budget of 800 US Dollars But notice, we got high tax in Israel so you can about increase YOUR subtotal...
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