1. C

    Coldcce's New Server for esf. That will be public and running daily. - Coming soon.

    So I've been making quite a few esf characters for my new server that I already made, and set up but I just need everything ready, and some more characters to be finished. Right now all these characters can go up to super saiyan 4. And that is the limit on saiyans and custom characters...
  2. Mkilbride

    The First Law Trilogy / Best Served Cold / The Heroes / Red Country - Joe Abercrombie

    Anyone read this mans books?! Each one is a freaking hit! I can't believe it. I read his first book and thought it was pretty bad, for the first chapter or two, then, as it continued, it just became so good, to the point I thought it could ONLY go downhill, but each book he adds, RAISES THE...
  3. It's over One Million!

    King Cold - Freeza's buddy?

    It's cool if last Freeza's transformaton will be no Mecha-Freeza but just added King Cold as a buddy. What do you think about this?
  4. M

    Cold Warren

  5. Killface

    Cold war anyone?

    I dont really see how this could turn into a flame war.. so i think its about time to discuss it. After reading that article.. it really seems to me that Russia and the US are gearing up for a second cold war. Discuss.
  6. .Guzzie.

    Happy Birthday Cold Steel

    You probbaly don't know me...but hey I'm a great fan of your stories...and I have the right to say Happy Birthday to you cause your cool!! have a great 23rd!!! Happy Birthday Cold Steel -GuZzie
  7. U

    King Cold form 5 vs perfect cell

    All we know about King Cold in dbz isnt that much, even he already killed by trunks...but before he kill by trunks that he must be in Frieza's form 2 and he had the powerlevel as stronger as frieza !00% than if he can trun to the next form that he would gain the great power, if he can transform...
  8. TeKNiK

    Happy Birthday Cold Steel

    Happy birthday man. I've only talked to you a couple of times but still happy birthday :)
  9. Kyo


    its like SUB ZERO
  10. Rayos

    Cold steel dev update

    <img src=> B E A UTIFUL
  11. Suh Dude

    Hot and Cold noodles?

    Does anyone know where to get these or what these things are called in Chinese, thailand, or what ever? I've been looking for it. No one speaks english in the thailand resturant I've aten. It can be powder, sauce, w/e. Just tell me. >_< Very appreciated, Thanks. ^_^
  12. T

    Goku cold blooded?gt

    I thank goku wuss alittle ass holeish at the end of dbgt .He didnt say good by to pan or nothing just flew of with the dragon .I mean he new he would never get to see chi chi and his famly agian isnt that alittle meen of him.All pan wanted wuss a good by huh .Why did he leave with out a good...
  13. imkongkong

    cold steels NAMEK

    woooo a NEW namek map! with water! that looks pretty cool cold, really nice start =p i'd like to suggest keeping the top looking that simple, maybe dead namek bodies near the namek houses =p and in the water make it VERY large and extensive, like how bulma had to use her capsule corp water...
  14. PiXel

    Damn long late cold winter... what wil be next?!

    Well if you had noticed, the winter came very late in the year 2004.... but now it will be again somehow abit hotter. What do you think? Will be the summer damn hot and long as the winter.... or will the winter come back earlier? I think the Summer will be until november :-\ cuz who knows...
  15. imkongkong

    welcome cold steel

    wooo can't wait foor your mapas cold =p glad ur on the team
  16. Rocky


    Happy 21st mate! It's probably not your birthday where you live yet, but whatever! I'm going to bed enjoy your day!
  17. jp

    About king cold

    Maybe a silly question, but i wondered. Why did't king cold transform to form 4. He looks just like freeza form 2, but much stronger. Is it becouse he can't transform??? And if he would transform, would his power be greater then cell ?
  18. M

    King Cold Transforming ??

    Hey I just recalled King Cold is similair to Freeza from 2 , so i wondered would he be able to transform ?? , i guess we will never know Greetings Maistro
  19. Soulicro

    Hot 'n Cold

    Inspired by Basement Jaxx music, Kish Kash album. I advise you to listen :] I call it Hot 'n Cold... Reminds me of a transition between something hard to something soft, and i thought of the name hot 'n cold. Enjoy viewing: Thanks for viewing... Critz?
  20. Prozac

    Happy Birthday Cold steel

    Well Cold Steel it's your Birthday for 2 hours and 33 minutes Congratulations and I wish you a happy Birthday :) *brings in the cake and drinks Humpie time to donce boy where are j00
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