1. Slofreak

    Mushroom cloud effect and impact cloud effect?

    How about when you get hit by bigger attacks like Big Bang, Kameha, Mouth Blast... it makes cloud and explosion effect around person who is being hit. Kinda Like this: I was also thinking when you use bigger attacks on the ground it whould make a Mushroom dust effect.
  2. D

    Kami's Palace's Cloud's Sprites

    The map is great. But the cloud sprites are kinda ugly. :/
  3. Synth

    Strange Cloud Formations What do you guys think these are? inb4 search 4 yourselvez
  4. M

    Steam Cloud

  5. MinioN

    Hard but try Keychain Goku Cloud

    I know how hard is it and maybe immpsible.But why dont you try to make the cloud that Goku is riding(maybe "was riding")...
  6. scope

    Project Cloud

    I am working on Cloud strife from the movie advent children. This is the latest image i have so far: i think i am going to have to fix the arms alittle bit. I didn't want to post the polies right now...maybe tomorrow but i just smoothed it out and rendered it. I think i am going to make...
  7. M


  8. dany_goku

    Cloud Strife FF7AC

    Since I couldn't find any Cloud Strife model I started my own.Not very good but I hope to finish it in couple of weeks(cuz I don't have some good refs). Here are the refs:
  9. C

    Cloud Amv

    Brand new video i made, ive tried syncing the lyrics of the music with the story (e.g. ive seen angels fall from blind heights, it shows sephiroth in the air with his wing out) (e.g. they want you dead, it shows cloud getting aimed in the head with a gun) and more syncing too i hope u...
  10. webber

    Cloud vs Sephiroth, but in what game? Watch it and read the title. This makes me want the game.
  11. dany_goku

    Cloud Strife

    :D I'm back.But I'm so tired I worked at his lips aprox. 2-3 hours,still I'm not happy but here it is. Here's the ref;thx to Square Enix for making Final Fantasy. From now one I'll try to draw in more dinamic positions.:D
  12. Katsuta.

    [WIP:RigREQ/AniREQ] FF7:AC - Cloud Strife

    Hi all, First of all I'd like to mention that this is the updated version of Broli's JKA AC Cloud skinned by me. What I am in dire need of is someone to rig this for the Half-Life modification The Specialists and if available to do some custom animations for him. A Render Gallary...
  13. bapplebo

    Cloud Strife Chibi wip lol

    Bleh. Need major help with it. Harshest crits will be taken (as always :D ) And for all you people going OMG BUT CLOUD IZ TOO HOT TO BE CHIBI, then im tryna form my own style. Sadly, im failing atm, but still. Plus, he's not sad, i just need eyebrows.
  14. PiXel

    Cloud and Sephiorot Fight Scene

  15. PiXel

    Cloud ( Kh version)

    one project here one project there... heres my other project: C/C plz.
  16. bapplebo


    Been a long time since I made a sig, but since Tryforce said 'do a new one', that i did.
  17. Jimesu_Evil

    Attempt @ Skinning AC Cloud

    Well I've been crazy about all things Final Fantasy lately with Advent Children around the corner (albeit a very long corner) Dirge of Cerberus in the works and that teasing FF7 Ps3 tech demo which left fans wondering if a FF7 remake is on the cards. I found broli's AC Cloud SDK on these...
  18. Sicron

    Quick new cloud sig

    C&C please on the cloud sig :p
  19. broli

    Cloud Strife [SDK]

    Well some might remember my cloud model I did a while ago, well I decided to give it a uv map and post it in public so ppl can have a go on the skin. And please give proper credits when publishing, well have fun :p
  20. PiXel


    Comment and crits plz ^^ :devsmile:
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