1. zmaster

    we use to be so close

    :cry: when ever i try to download esf 1.2.3 gamefront wont let me
  2. E

    Close range BEAM. - Blast your opponent off.

    Hey , In dragon ball z series there is alot of times that the guys are close range and can make a beam and make a hole in the opponent body. Example: If I get closer to the opponent and make a beam and he have low hp so I make the beam and shoot it , Then you can see the beam make a hole is...
  3. F

    Open Beta not close to look like Final release?

    Am i right ? I have tried the open beta i cant even use melee? Only right click works.. And the graphics isnt nearly as good as in the final am i right? Just want to know so i dont get dissapointed when its realeased :) Other wise, NICE GAME ! Seriusly i CANT wait for this to release...
  4. Disguise

    Guide to Close Combat: Part 4 Final

    This Part is one that I will change and update often to incorporate other character's quotes and theme song ideas. In conjunction with the previous idea of playing a wavs in Part 2 and 3, I think that music is also vital to creating a feel for the game. With the new graphics and attention to...
  5. Disguise

    Guide to Close Combat: Part 3 (Video)

    Part 1 - Flying Mechanics & Attacker / Defender concepts Part 2 - Finishers - Beams & Bombs 1.2 is not built for this kind of combat since there are so many distance-creating mechanics involved, like long knockbacks and long teleports. With shorter knockbacks and teleports, it keeps things a...
  6. Disguise

    Guide to Close Combat: Part 2

    This will require much future editing to incorporate videos and afterthought, but I wanted to get this out there for feedback. I've been very busy with job training and moving, so I want to make sure I follow through with adding to the previous Guide. Introduction Guide to Combat: Part 1 Part...
  7. Disguise

    Guide to Close Combat: Part 1

    If you don't want to do the reading and you'd rather this was simpler, then just scroll down to my Recap, and I highlight all of the important points there. If some things stand out to you, inquire within. Introduction My intentions have been to make melee less predictable, allow more...
  8. Synth

    RF Online North American & European Game Servers To Close

    I'll miss the best MMO race ever... Accretians.
  9. VideoJinx

    Pay Close Attention

    Okay this is something I'm so very glad I found on my desktop today. I thought many of you may want to hear this. Keep in mind that this audio was created in the 1970's, the things you'll hear will completel be relevant AND ontop of that, you may hear about certain technology that you...
  10. J-Dude

    *Phew*! A close call...

    Tonight I was driving home from my college on the highway. As always I had to pass through a highway intersection that was being worked on, and tonight it once more had seemingly random lanes merging with safety cones funneling the extra lane into the remaining ones. As I passed under an...
  11. T

    maybe you should fully read before you close the threads

    my last thread was not an evm problem, it was a problem involving me not being able to start a server after i could do it fine yesterday. i happen ot have evm installed, but if i hadnt even mentioned it then it wouldnt have made a difference, because it has nothing to do with my problem. i only...
  12. clen

    Cd drive won't close

    The Cd drive won't close, any help would be appreciated.
  13. Bandock

    Earth Special Forces 5-year Anniversary (or close) since 1st Public Release

    I just thought that I would say something about it after I posted in another topic (when I realized that it has been close to five years ago since the first public alphas). Who has noticed that for those who has played and/or watched Earth Special Forces for nearly forever? Reason why I say...
  14. M

    close combat fight

    how do i fight it? when i fight close combat its always comming some arrows but i dont know wich should i press :fight:
  15. M

    Close Your Eyes! Sharingan!

    Newest sig, it isnt nothing special, but the effects on the sig maybey make it abit cooler. Rate 1-10 C&C are welcome... :))
  16. V

    problem with extraciting pain1 and 3 iff this is 2nd post liek this close it

    im having problems extracting pain1 and 3
  17. |Overlord|

    close range blast idea

    ok , i was just thinking of this idea , as you may remember , goku did a close range blast on buu on the kai plnet in both ssj2 and 3 , what i'm suggesting is that every charcter can have this sort of attack , maybe as a special or something , (works simlar to a deagle in cs in some respect)...
  18. T

    Ded. Server command to NOT make PL close to server average?

    What's the command?
  19. True-Warrior15

    ESF Close itself after over 2 minutes of play

    Sometimes when I play ESF it stop's and closes and brings me back to my desktop. How can I fix this?