Guide to Close Combat: Part 2

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Sep 13, 2008
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This will require much future editing to incorporate videos and afterthought, but I wanted to get this out there for feedback. I've been very busy with job training and moving, so I want to make sure I follow through with adding to the previous Guide.


Guide to Combat: Part 1
Part 1 explained the mechanics of Flying and how they could be used in an Attacker/Defender situation to recreate and improvise on the former "Advanced Melee." I'd like to explain the concept of Finishers here and how, if the Attacker wins the fight, it would result in an almost inescapable death. Once I explain how this works, I'll discuss more about the differences in these Ki attacks and how they play out against weaker/stronger opponents.

I'm more uncertain of how this would fit into 1.3, as I know nothing of additions to Beam struggles and other modifications. I just hope that these ideas are correlated to newer ones so that they would mesh well together. Regardless of what features are changed though, the differences between Ki Beams and Ki Bombs should be similar, and their roles as Finishers should be relevant.

How do Finishing attacks work?

If the Defender can't block or avoid enough attacks long enough and his Stamina drops to zero, he will be vulnerable for a Knock Down. Once knocked down, he is unable to stand until his Stamina is regenerated to a certain level. This level would need to be tested. The idea is that the Defender might be able to stand at about the same time the SAM bar attack is charged and firing at him so that he will have limited options.

Three ways to Down a Defender:
  1. Attacker swoops into Defender and angle hits him into the ground.

  2. Attacker swoops into Defender and he doesn't block, allowing a short, quick throw in any direction. Must be near a wall or ground for this to result in a Knockdown, or else he will simply float away.

  3. Attacker swoops into Defender and he doesn't block, allowing a short, quick throw. He throws the Defender into the air and uses a swoop to knock him into the ground.
    This results in the greatest Stamina reduction and longest down-time because the hits are done in a short amount of time, and you're able to manage the distance you create better. If you miss the hit on the throw however, you'll miss the chance to down.

    If a Defender can block while flying backwards, which I only guess might be possible since it's been such a long-asked suggestion, then this would add to that.​

There is no actual difference in down-time between throwing or angle hitting. It's just that you'll allow yourself more distance by hitting them. When using a Finisher, you'll NEED distance if you don't want to get blown up as well.

Once knocked down, the Attacker can choose whichever of his KI attacks to finish him off with. The timing of charging this attack would allow the Defender two options.

Two ways to Defend:
  • Blocking is the best method of defense because it allows complete negation of damage and the option for a counter-attack at the enemy.

  • When an opponent Evades, they have potential for taking some serious damage depending on accuracy and explosion radius.

Which attacks are best to use and why?

Differences in Power
  • Stronger opponents have the best chance at blocking attacks successfully.
    If you were attempting to finish a stronger opponent off, you would want to use a beam attack so that they would either be forced to run away or block it and almost certainly lose.​

  • Weaker opponents have no chance at blocking a Beam attack, so they will try to evade it.
    In this case, unlike a Beam attack, you would want a larger radius with a higher immediate damage. That's where Bomb attacks come into play.​

Differences in KI Attacks

  • Ki Beams: Best are used against a Stronger opponent. They are more difficult to block.
    They are much more difficult to block than a Bomb attack because the power increases as the struggle goes on. They have a considerably higher Maximum Damage potential when blocked. If not, they still pack a strong punch. They tend to travel straight-through, and explosions are typically average.​

  • Ki Bombs: Best are used against a Weaker opponent. They are more difficult to evade.
    They are much more difficult to evade than a Beam attack because the explosion radius is much larger. Their damage is always at its peak regardless of whether it's blocked or not.​

How does the SAM bar affect Ki attacks?

These attacks are fine on their own, but in 1.3 there will be limits on damage and explosion radius. In order to break these limits (hehe) we would use the SAM bar, which charges up as a RESULT of fighting.

Ki Beams:
  • The actual beam becomes twice as wide.
  • It can be targeted, whereas other Beam attacks cannot. This improves its accuracy without increasing its radius.
  • The base and maximum damage potential is increased so that it can insta-kill an enemy if there is a long struggle resulting in a loss.

Ki Bombs:
  • The Bomb travels faster so that it is harder to block, but its size is increased so that it's still possible.
  • The explosion radius and damage throughout the entire explosion is increased. In other words, if any part of the explosion hits you, it will deal most of its damage, whereas a Beam's will have its full damage closer to the center of the blast.

(Click video to watch) In this video, because Frieza and Goku are somewhat equal, he was able to repel the attack. Based on KI theory, Frieza would be the best at finishing off weaker opponents... such as Krillin. :)

Why can't I just charge the SAM bar when they're low on Stamina and blast them? Who needs to down them? That's stupid.

You can, nobody is stopping you. The only downside is that by the time you charge the attack, their Stamina will recover. When their stamina recovers, they can charge turbo, which will allow them to escape any blast you send at them much more easily. If they choose, they will also be better able to block your attacks and send them back at you. If you want to waste your SAM bar, by all means.

Against weaker untransformed opponents, you may not even need to down them as their maximum speed on a charged turbo would be limited anyhow. You could probably just use a Ki Bomb attack and they would be unable to escape. Of course if they had enough SAM bar to quickly transform or ascend above their limits, you'd be gambling.

Added Features
When charging the SAM bar Finisher, a server-wide wav will be played.

Vegeta's Big Bang Attack would be at time 0:34. "Here it comes, a little going away present for you! Ah hahaha!"

Vegeta's Final Flash (against Cell) 0:18 "Now if you really want to test your strength, stay right where you are!"

There are two reasons for this:
  • You can feel cool for winning in such a badass way. Imagine everyone in the server stopping their fight just to see the smack down you're about to put on someone.

  • Other people can get the @#!$ out of the way! It avoids spamming and allows awesome Finishing attacks to exist.

I would also increase the aura size of turbo and/or the sprite of the charge animation so that people know where the attack is coming from.

Part 3
In Part 3, I will have a video that demonstrates Parts 1 and 2 in the current 1.2.3 ESF style. Thanks to Bad Karma, Rem!x, and Sub for their help in creating the demos. Stay tuned!
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