1. N

    Don't close this, please read it!

    Like the thread title: please don't close this right away, read it first please! This thread is about... single player! No don't close the thread! Harsens says it'll be too much work, so what if we form a little team that handles the coding for single player? I'm willing to do some work for...
  2. Z

    MAPS for S.....

    Single Player: okay ive posted this in Suggestions but if anyone would have Single player then we have to make the maps so pleaz read my post in suggestions or click and imaginage the maps in ur head and make them!here
  3. Chimpbot

    Trunks head

    The first one was closed for a reason.
  4. DiebytheSword

    About that hentai thread . . .

    You may have noticed it's missing. That's because it doesn't belong in the Models/Skins Forum. When the Perverts/Hentai forum opens, I'll gladly allow you to repost it. Till then, alot of youngsters (10-13) use these forums, keep that word out of here. If you want a cute DBZ chick...
  5. S

    Hey Ss_vegeta Plz Read This!

    Hey i just found a link to a ssj3 goku model it prety much sux compared to yours but the hair is like i was trying to describe it to u igmore the front of the hair and face because it sux!:)
  6. S

    Goku Head Reskin

    i redid the face of goku... this is my first skin done with my new graphics tablet, so go easy on the critisism... anyway, enjoy!
  7. G

    Top Of Maps ??

    when i get to close to the top of the map and i fire a beam down it hits invisble air and blows up .... kinda annoyin havin a fully charged FF firing it and havin it explode for no reason ( ps this also happens on the ground )