Guide to Close Combat: Part 4 Final

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Sep 13, 2008
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This Part is one that I will change and update often to incorporate other character's quotes and theme song ideas.

In conjunction with the previous idea of playing a wavs in Part 2 and 3, I think that music is also vital to creating a feel for the game. With the new graphics and attention to detail, creating an atmosphere is very important.

When characters go into a Rage/Ascend Above with their SAM bar, a wav should be played and a theme song should start for them.

EX: Future Trunks's song Battle Power Infinite (which I know is a certain someone's favorite song too) would be played.

Put the cursor to time 1:05 and pause.


Put the cursor on 0:22.

Play the theme song, then swap and play that part up until 0:34.

When Trunks goes into a Rage, that's the combination of music and wav that would be played.

The enemy he's fighting will hear him say "Things are different now, I can see the light." "I believe in you, Trunks! Go get'em, son!" As long as he's in his Rage state, the theme music will play. This will get the adrenaline pumping and really make the player go in full force.

I think it'd be cool if the opponent could hear the theme music too as like a demoralizer, but that might be more complicated. If they used a Rage too, then they'll say their piece and their theme song will play for themselves instead of the other's.

Super Buu
Stop at 3:12

Couldn't find a shorter clip sorry.

Young Gohan
0:24 - 0:30

0:02 - 0:08
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