Guide to Close Combat: Part 3 (Video)

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Sep 13, 2008
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Part 1 - Flying Mechanics & Attacker / Defender concepts
Part 2 - Finishers - Beams & Bombs

1.2 is not built for this kind of combat since there are so many distance-creating mechanics involved, like long knockbacks and long teleports.

With shorter knockbacks and teleports, it keeps things a lot tighter. In 1.3, this fighting style will be much more fast paced, close ranged, and unpredictable. When Gohan teleports, because it's a shorter distance, he will be closer to Trunks both before and after he teleports.

This means he can fly to the side to attack AND teleport to attack, whereas in 1.2, because teleporting covers too much distance, Trunks only has to worry about flying OR teleporting so it causes minor confusion.

Shorter knockbacks means there's overall less down time between hits. Less distance is created, and it doesn't take as long to recover.

The Attacker can use swoops to close the gap instead of just flying or teleporting, and the Defender can use slow swooping to move instead of just flying. This will consume more Ki than flying though. The Attacker can consume stamina to maintain Ki, so the Defender will have no chance to regenerate. The Attacker will have a faster flying speed due to turbo and a swoop speed advantage.

I took footage primarily for the Defender since what he sees will generally be the same even in 1.3. In some clips where you see Trunks flying all over the place, that's just to demonstrate how effective flying is at evading. When Gohan doesn't teleport, it's very easy for Trunks to predict and avoid him by flying. When Gohan teleports, it causes confusion and forces him to sit and block the incoming attack.

In the last clips, I wanted to show how it'd be extremely difficult to block Beams and run from Bomb attacks as Finishers. In 1.3, the attacks would be meant to reflect this.

In the last clip, Gohan is trying to run from the blast Trunks is firing.
Special thanks to Rem!x as the Trunks Defender, and Bad Karma as the Gohan Attacker. Additional thanks to Sub for helping with related footage to get the ball rolling and Mephisto for supplying the video recording software. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Running, scrambling, flying
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live. aces high

Overall, this situational combat doesn't need to change other aspects of the game to exist. It can be developed independently of them. I think that's the most important thing to keep in mind. You can have the old swoop type combat as well as this kind. This is primarily because players who swoop use it to both attack and manage their distance so they can recover their Ki. Attacker / Defender relies on one not being able to manage his distance, so it becomes like a mini-game as a result to the swoop combat.

Having low stamina is just a natural occurrence. If this type of combat became preferred and people enjoyed it, there could be a SAM bar ability that has the same effect of temporarily making them immobile. This would be like initiating Advanced Melee.

The whole purpose of fighting up close is to poke at them and keep their stamina down, eventually bringing it to zero if you can. As long as they are in that low stamina state, you have the advantage as the Attacker, so why not gear your offense towards maintaining that advantage? Because stamina can be consumed for more Ki, the Attacker can be on constant pursuit and never has to recharge. The result of an overextended Attacker / Defender would be two tired players duking it out.

If swoop hits and normal flying hits do relatively the same amount of stamina damage, then consider that you could get 8 short range hits for every 4 swoop hits you'd connect. Normal hits when added together would be twice as effective at keeping them low. If you swoop and hit them away from you, you're only giving more time for them to recover and consuming more Ki to chase them.

You could also use beam attacks in between if there are fast beams. This goes perfectly with the whole idea, since they're less mobile to move, and your teleports would give you a chance to attack unexpectedly from ANY position around them at any range. If you're stronger than them and they think you're going to melee when you're actually firing a beam, they'll take some heavy damage from trying to block it.

The character types play a huge role in how this situation pans out.

  • Partnered characters: Androids and Guinyu Force can swap with partners when they're low on stamina, giving them like a second wind. You'd essentially have to defeat them all to put the Finisher on them. For people who never want to play as a Defender, this would be a great class to pick.

  • Permatrans characters: Cell and Buu are the most vulnerable to this situation, as they have no easy outs once they're stuck on the ground with no stamina. All they can do is defend against it. They could be given a bit more max stamina to make up for it. Consider that if stamina can be turned into Ki, and Permatrans have more stamina, then they can afford to be more relentless with their Ki and Teleports. I would make their initial form average, but then give them great stamina and PL bonuses after they've transformed.

    If Permatrans rely on the full SAM bar to transform, and you only gain bonus points from fighting about equal or stronger opponents, then they'll be continually seeking the strongest opponents to fill it. Once they transform, everyone will begin seeking them, as they should gain significantly more PL from their transformations. In other words, they're the ones that raise the bar and enjoy fighting weaker players. There are plenty of players who would love this, and this caters to them.

    Based on Part 2, it'd generally be best to finish Permatrans with a Beam attack.

  • Temptrans characters: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, etc would have the most diversity. They can use Quick Transformations with the SAM bar without wasting time, so they're able to instantly increase their pace and catch the opponent off guard. Assuming that the SAM bar drains on a percentage basis and it gets increasingly difficult to fill it as it goes (100/200/300), they could either transform above, or if you don't like that, go into a rage where they don't lose any stamina until the SAM bar runs out. This is their way of getting out of low stamina situations or taking advantage as the Attacker. If they get a Finisher shot at them while they have a full SAM bar, this stamina immunity will aid them in repelling the attack.

    The only downside is that if you can't maintain a steady fight and your SAM bar wears out, you'll have no stamina, which gives the opponent the opportunity to finish you off.

Summary on Transformations
Permatrans are the Evil characters. They will have more PL than every other character, making them the most preferred to fight against. Temp trans will especially fight them more often to push their power limits higher so they may master their transformations.

Temp trans are the Good characters, like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, etc. They are able to fight on an equal level amongst themselves until a Permatrans shows up. Based on 1.2, by fighting stronger opponents, you get increasingly stronger yourself. Thus to up their tier, they'll fight stronger players.

Indirectly, this template creates a good vs evil scenario, but allows the freedom for everyone to fight each other.

Partnered characters are the Weaker characters who, when banded together, form a strong opposition. Androids, Ginyu Force, & Krillin/Piccolo (I think they should do that anyway). They're able to adapt the best to situations without weakening their disposition. If they regenerate Stamina, Ki, AND Health while swapped out of combat, then it's like managing a fantasy team. They each have their own PL, their own reserves, etc. When you get into a fight and you're at death's door, you'll be able to swap out with someone who is fresh but most likely weaker temporarily to give your other character a chance to recuperate. Since they don't use the SAM bar for anything other than fighting, and because they will most likely have a lower PL than both Temptrans and Permatrans, they're able to use their special abilities from this bar more than anyone else. Whatever those are, I don't know. :)

EDIT: If Rage made stamina immune and ascending to states not yet mastered drained stamina, this would be a way to extend that transformation.

Please let me know if there's anything out of these 3 Parts that you're interested in or question. I'd love to discuss them and see what variations we could come up with.
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sry to tell you this but esf team it's allready working an on super mega giga waga unbeatabal melee system , what is this ideea for again ?
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Sep 13, 2008
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I think every time I post an idea you ask me what it is I'm posting.

It's an idea I've been building on for awhile. The Defender is low on stamina and can't escape, so the Attacker is trying to wear him down.

Close Combat: Part 1
Close Combat: Part 2
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